Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Second Trimester

I came home from OU looking 5 months pregnant.


Me, the girlfriend and her boyfriend went on an eating spree.

First, we shared 2 waffles at Waffle World. Still feeling hungry, Sue & I shared a bowl of Assam Laksa while Fai had Otak-otak. With our stomachs adequately fed, we met up with the whole crew to watch PIRATES!

After that, all of us went for dinner at Oriental Cravings. Me, Sue & Fai each ordered a meal to ourselves. I had one big plate of fried rice; and that was NOT my last meal.

I came home and opened the fridge, only to be greeted by the chocolate cake my mum had bought for me. I cut a small slice and ate it. Then I moved on to having a small bowl of apple salad. AND THEN I ate more than ten pieces of cookies!!

OMG. I am a compulsive overeater. Shit.

p/s: I'm blaming it on my 'monthly'.

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