Thursday, December 23, 2010

Am I Ready?

I don't know.

Are you?

Big leaps, big risks. With no safety net, a misstep would be more than just a blunder. It'd be a huge fall and a huge fall would leave more than just a bruise.

But you can't get up if you've not fallen. You couldn't have walked without first crawling. You wouldn't be here if you knew where you should be.

You can't always be prepared.

You can't always be ready.

There is no crystal ball for you to peek into the future.

You just got to pick up the cards you've been dealt with and make the best hand out of them.

Sometimes, it's not about making the right decision or the wrong decision.

It's simply just making one.

Because it's in the making of the decision that you learn you were ready.

...While Sipping on Wine

What would you write about at this hour?

Blank slate. Blank mind.

Background music. Background noise.

I forget I can write. Better than most. Most that I know. Clearly not mixing with the "write" crowd.

Pressure. Low. High. None. Do you feel it? Not what I seek. Not what I need. Fear, on the other hand, can drive one to do the unimaginable. The unthinkable. The never thought possible, but achievable.

I'm a realist. An imaginist. A dreamer only when I'm asleep.

Because realists know better and dreamers only hope for better.

The real world awaits, with a plateful of politics and sour grapes.

The meeting of real people. The unfazed and the two-faced. The sincere and the queer. The rich and the bitch.

My nouveau chapitre begins now. And I will wait no more.

To be published. To be heard. Not be rubbished or be stirred.

This is my book. My story. My life.

So read between the lines...