Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everyone Can Be Awesome

...because being awesome is a choice.

Don't ever forget that.

I Must Quit, I Must Quit, You

Still reeling from a jilted heart from 3 years ago, was it fair on her? Was it right of him? Why, she never asked. Closure, she never got. Remember, does he? 'Does he remember?', she often wonders.

Yet they hang around each other...still, like lost souls, existing without really living, talking without really meaning a single word they say. The hypocrisy shows, an observer can tell, passer-bys can see. Sitting across from each other, she sips on coffee while he blows air rings. Awkward silences fill the space between them, and yet...they still hang around each other. Out of boredom, perhaps. Out of loneliness, more so. But as we all know, misery loves company, and she found it in the both of them.