Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE 2008

It's New Year's Eve and I've a presentation to prepare for this Friday which is also the day I'll be leaving for Penang. I'll be away till Tuesday, returning just in time for my class the next day (Wednesday) to deliver yet another presentation and also complete my case study which is to be handed in on Friday that same week. Geezus.

I'm a lil stressed out now that I'm actually considering forgoing tonight's NYE's celebrations.


"A health to you,
a wealth to you,
and the best that
life can give to you."


Friday, December 26, 2008

Tough Cheese

I had, by far, the worst of luck last Friday.

I drove to One Utama after uni to buy Ip Man (pronounced Yip Mun) movie tickets for the next day cause mummy dearest wants to watch it so badly. And well, I, who don't watch Chinese movies for the reason that I don't understand Cantonese, am obliged to accompany her...just cause.

It was mid-afternoon when I left uni, hence, to avoid the jam I took an alternative route and reached OU in possibly the shortest time. I felt smug. But that feeling didn't last very long. Having parked my car, I fumbled through my bag in search for my wallet to keep the parking ticket, only to realise, to my utmost horror, that I didn't have my wallet with me. So not only had I driven to uni and then all the way to OU without my license, I had just parked my car in a shopping mall with no money to pay for parking ticket. Geezus.

Few thoughts came to mind. I could
  1. call someone

    My mum - she's going to leave her office, which is in Glenmarie, and drive all the way to OU to bail me out of a shopping mall. I don't think so.

    A friend - The ones I could think of were either at work or scattered all over the place. Heh.

    My maid - "Kak...saya di OU sekarang dan takda wang untuk bayar parking kerana saya terlupa bawa dompet la. Tolong. Please." And what could she do? Take a cab and bring my wallet to me? Pfft. (Hey...actually this didn't seem like such a bad idea. Dammit. Why didn't I think of it then?!)

  2. withdraw money

    Genius! Why didn't I think of withdrawing money earlier??

    It took me a few seconds to realise that my ATM card is in my wallet and my wallet is not with me. Idiot.

  3. beg
I guess the latter seemed like the only thing to do.

I checked myself in the rear view mirror. I looked so frazzled. I wasn't even sure if I could even get a dollar even if I went down on my knees and pleaded. Nonetheless, I had to try. I ran my fingers through my hair, fixed myself, and into the mall I was, to beg for RM1. Swt.

Are you mad?? Of course I did no such thing. Beg for a dollar. Pfft. I have more dignity than that.

I was lucky to have coins in my car. RM1.70 worth of bloody coins. RM1 went into paying parking and the balance of RM0.70 can be used to bribe the police should I get pulled over.

I reached home, grabbed my wallet and headed back to OU for the second time. My mood was further agitated by the difficulty of finding a parking space. I finally decided to park illegally next to a wall. I ran up to the cinema level and finally bought the best seats in the house for Ip Man after all the afternoon's hassle.

I started to feel light headed for having not had lunch yet. And seeing it was the 19th, I decided to get a 1901 hot dog as every 19th of the month is Lucky 19th time where selected hot dogs are sold at only RM1.99! But as my luck had it that day, the store in OU had closed down. *mother toot*

I left OU feeling very disgruntled and my stomach, unfed. Thus, I stopped by Ming Tien to 'ta pau' lunch home. While I waited for my food, my mum called.
Mum: Where are you now?
Me: Buying lunch. Oh...I've bought the tickets already.
Mum: What time?
Me: The first show. 12pm.
Mum: 12pm?? I can't make it at that time. I've my all-girls lunch.
Me: What??
Mum: Why didn't you check with me first?
Me: How am I supposed to know?! You said you wanted to watch the movie!
Mum: Do you think you can change the tickets?
Me: I highly doubt it.
Mum: Then pass me the tickets. I'll go to OU myself in the evening and see if I can get it changed.
Me: Never mind. I'll do it.
I was rattled at the end of the conversation. I collected my food, walked back to my car, started my engine, and then I saw it, from the corner of my eye, a piece of paper clipped under my wipers, flapping in the wind. A bloody fine! I half-stomped out of my car, snatched the bloody piece of paper off my windscreen, scrunched it up and threw it away. By now, I was just flipping mad and was boiling from within. I could have sworn the car I had parked opposite of didn't have a parking ticket either and it was parked there before me and instead, only I got fined! The MBPJ officer was either sexist or racist...or both! UGH.

I sped home, chowed down my food, took a time out, *breathed*, and in less than an hour, found myself in OU...again...finding for a parking space for the third time that day. Geezus.

Earlier efforts to calm my nerves failed miserably as I started to feel flustered from the crowd. Oh god...I hate shopping crowds. HATE. Absolutely loathe them. Despise them. Anyhoo, I made my way to the GSC ticket counter and asked if I could get my tickets changed. And as expected, the answer was no. The person attending to me however said he could help sell my tickets for me, but only on the next day. So he told me to come back the next day (i.e. Saturday) around 12.30pm to collect my money from him.

And well......

I never did.


I'm a day late but I suppose it's better late than never...

So here's wishing all


Merry Cheery X'mas



Bloody Boxing Day!!!

Just in case anyone was interested in knowing how my Christmas was this year, it was like a Christmas tree without the decorations, or the lightings, or even the presents below.

And having classes on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and the day after New Year's completely dampens the festive spirit.

I guess it ain't my season to be jolly.

"Fa la la la la, la la la la."


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome Home Tiff!


which makes it all the more awesome!

Now that you're back, my priorities have changed from:
  1. Summer school
  2. Diet
  3. Part-time job
  1. Tiffany Toh
  2. Tiffany Toh
  3. Summer school
Throwing my non-existent diet out the window and quitting my part-time job temporarily just for you. (This sentence is filled with so much irony. Heh.)

See Tiff, the things I do for you. Beats me why you'd ever want to go back to the States. =P

Love love you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Absolut-ly Fan-taboo-lous

I just had a house party.

The boys got pissed drunk and I didn't have enough to drink. Heh.

Judging from the previous post, which I did not write, my dear friend was feeling a lil woozy.

I'm a tad dissatisfied that I didn't have enough to drink.

Then again, I guess I'm keeping sober.

We played Taboo and divided ourselves into teams Jurozi Park and Caldeag Station. (Lol...what were we thinking??)

Prior to the party, we went grocery shopping.

We walked all the way into the hypermarket and realised we'd forgotten to take a trolley.

None of us were sure if RM1.90/kg was cheap for bawang putih, of which I thought was onions.

We took a total of 411 pictures and more tonight.

Now my stomach is starting to feel uneasy from the blend of mushroom soup, garlic bread, Aglio Olio pasta, Oreo milkshake and vodka.

I'm slowly falling asleep on my keyboard.

Peace-ing out peeps.



Hi everyone. (: (: (: (:

It's ju here.

At 3am in the morning.
Reporting to you, from Ju FM.

Currently Playing Lady Gaga. Just Dance.
Love you all.

xoxo, you know you love me.

(: (: (:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Mum

I felt like deleting my previous post cause it's so......below par. Ugh. I'm out of writing juice but I really want to write. I guess I'll just keep my sentences short, plain and simple. Heh.


To most of my friends, my mother comes across as a no-nonsense sort of person. Some find her intimidating and there's probably some truth to that, but she's certainly no ice queen. She does, occasionally, show short bursts of humour.

So I was having a nice lil bedtime chat with mummy dearest a few days ago about pap smears, bust size, gays... No. I'm kidding. I just can't quite remember, but it was probably everything under the moon. (Or the sun, the sky, the bridge...whichever you prefer. Does it really matter? They all make as much sense as the other does.) Anyway, I was going to head back to my room to bed down when my mum takes a close look at me and goes, "Why do you have so many pimples and blackheads? You know, I don't think you're in a very good condition. You're so fat. For a 20-year-old, you're not in very good condition at all. You shouldn't be letting yourself go at this age."

I tell you, my mother. We had a good laugh over it, nonetheless.

Of course she didn't forget to add what is perhaps the most worn out bromide used by all mothers—"I'm telling you because I love you".

Well, thanks mum. I appreciate the concern. And I love you too. =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jeezus Chryst!

I visited the Converse Warehouse Sale last week with a friend. Having parked the car, we were greeted by patrons who were already on their way out, with most carrying a bag or two. An encouraging sign, we thought, as the goods were probably worth buying after all. Alas, as fate would have it, the one pair of shoes that caught my eye didn't have my size. My friend shared the same fate. I guess it isn't time to hang up my current pair of Converse just yet. We were probably one of the rare few who left the building empty handed.

The Converse selection of shoes was neither great nor varied, hence to say I was slightly disappointed. Nonetheless, Humour never fails to find me.

So I was checking out the selection of Kappa shoes when a guy picked up a pair of plain all-black slip-on shoes, turned to his friend and asked, “Is it nice?”
Geezus. It’s plain. It’s black. It’s a slip-on. “Is it nice?” What do you think? It’s a freaking plain all-black canvas loafers, mate!
To which his friend responded, “’s really nice.”

JC. (Swt.)

Or some people might say ZOMGWTFBBQ. A phrase I’ve come across fairly frequently on the net but never understood what it meant. Of course it’s easy to see that it’s made up of ZOMG, WTF and BBQ, but reasons why those 3 are lumped together to form a word like such escape me.

Like what the hell is ZOMG in the first place? Who the hell types a ‘z’ before OMG? Wanting answers, I Googled and found them at Urban Dictionary which provided the following explanation:

The "z" was originally a mistake while attempting to hit the shift key with the left hand, and then typing "OMG".
Seriously?? Gawts!
And BBQ? Well, according to Urban Dictionary (I predict this will soon replace Oxford dictionaries in the near future. Heh.), when it’s linked at the end of WTF, it normally stands for Bitch Be Quiet.

So the whole phrase actually reads: Z-Oh-My-God-What-The-Fuck-Bitch-Be-Quiet!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Pen is Half Dry

Sigh. I give up. I guess writing is just not my calling. The expectations are just beyond me. A post (my last one to be precise) which took me—I'm embarrassed to tell how long—to write and less than 3 minutes to read is strung by awkward sentences and riddled by grammatical errors after an edit by the Mother. I cry foul at those who have the natural flair for writing. Pfft.

So I'm just jealous. Shoot me.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wear White

It is fairly obvious that my posts of late have been verbose a-lacking. I am saddened to think that I have lost the intellectual capability to string a few simple sentences together just to create a proper paragraph. And it has only been 3 weeks since I last put my brain under great strain. Does it only take such a short span of time for my brain to atrophy? I would hate to picture my brain cells depleting and leaving my brain looking akin to a dried prune. Arid and shrivelled. I digress.

Turning to news that is probably worthy of more sympathy than my current vegetative state, the city of Mumbai which was a target of terrorist attacks a few days ago—though thankfully has come to an end—raised a death toll of more than 170 and caused grave injury to 290 others. It is a great tribulation for the families and friends who have lost their loved ones to have to endure; an ordeal I couldn’t possibly fully understand even if I tried to place myself in their shoes as the emotions run far deeper than a wail of sorrow or a lament of death. They are sealed within every blood cell, coursed through the veins and harbour beyond where the heart is. An abysmal agony. Unfathomable. Unimaginable. Unintelligible.

It is thus befitting and respectful that a day—today—would be served as a memorial to the victims of the Mumbai attacks. It is today we will gather together to mourn the passing of the lives lost. It is today we will stand in harmony to commemorate the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. It is today we will promote world peace, unity and support.

So wear white today—the global colour of mourning and the symbol of world peace. You can make a difference.