Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Back

...from LANGKAWI!!!

Had an AWESOME POSSUM time...

THANKS to these people:

Clockwise: Marco, Jin, Pau, Nick, Janice, Raof, me, Tiff & Sean

I *heart* you peeps!


p/s: Updates will be posted soon. =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A White Christmas

Sadly, I will never get to experience that in Malaysia. Sigh.

Anyway, I have been unable to blog because I had no internet connection for a week. And the problem turned out to be the router. Barely a year old, and the router has broken down. Sheesh. At least, it is still under warranty.

So first of, Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to all! May peace be your Christmas and your blessing all year through!

I will be honest and say that I am indeed a very inefficient person. So to all my dear dear friends, do expect to receive very VEry VERY late X'mas gifts. My sincere apologies.

Moving on.

I'll be going to Penang this Wednesday with Sean & Tiffany, and then we'll be taking the ferry to Langkawi the next morning. The 'others' will meet up with us on Thursday morning. Sean, Tiffany and I are leaving a day earlier to get the ferry tickets first.

I will be back before New Year's eve. So till then, cheers y'all!


Monday, December 17, 2007


That's how Giselle calls for help in the movie.

I went to watch
today for the second time with Sean, Tiff, Nick and Marco.

The movie is good, but not great. Okay. I'll give it more credit. Songs from the movie are pretty good.

To all who have not watched the movie - WARNING: Spoiler Alert

This is my favourite part of the movie:

It's so HILARIOUS!!! *Applauds Pip (the chipmunk) for an outstanding performance*

And my favourite song from the movie:

So Close by Jon McLaughlin

p/s: Welcome home, Tiff. =)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Black Parade

As promised, the post-mortem of the concert:

I awoke at about 10 in the morning and buzzed Calvin to see if he was awake. A missed call and no reply to my sms were indication that he hadn't woken up. And just as the thought of not going to the concert began to creep up in my head, my phone sounded. 1 message received. A good sign, perhaps. Unfortunately the message was from Zong (Harvey) saying that he will not be joining us. Ah well...he was never a fan of MCR so there was no real lost for him.

Anyway, it was about 11am before Calvin finally messaged announcing his "wake-up". As we had not bought our tickets yet, I suggested we head down to Stadium Merdeka by 1pm; and so we did. We arrived at the stadium clad in black and made our way to the ticket booth. We both stood there staring at the ticket chart until we were both covered in a thick layer of dust, and yet, we still could not make up our minds. Or rather, I couldn't make up my mind. So I decided to check out the stadium by peering through the gates and was surprised to see that the stadium actually looked quite small. With that in mind, we settled for the RM103 tickets (Green Zone). But as a Celcom user (my parents both are), I got 30% off 2 tickets. So we only needed to pay RM73. Sweet, eh?

Having spent quite an amount of energy buying the tickets, we had almost forgotten about our stomachs that had been growling for a long period.

So we WALKED down to Petaling Street which was a 10-MINUTE-WALK away. Swt. Tiring, I swear! Bleh. I'm just not a fan of walking. We grabbed our lunch at McDonald's. I was constantly checking on the time as I wanted to hurry back to start lining up. With my impatience getting on Calvin's nerves, we finally headed back to the stadium. It was already 4pm then. I wanted to make sure I left with a souvenir, so I bought a T-shirt for RM30. From the price I am sure you can tell that I did not purchase the original merchandise. It was just too unreasonable to spend RM80 on a tee. We headed back to the car one last time to dump all unnecessary things in the car and got ready to queue up by 4:30pm. Calvin suddenly had an urge to use the men's, so off he went scouting for a toilet. He came back 10 minutes later, still with a full bladder as he could not locate a toilet anywhere, but instead, he bumped into his friends who had bought tickets of the same zone as us, so they joined us in line. There weren't many people yet but the crowd started to pour in by 5pm. A concern was also hovering above us as black clouds started to paint the sky. Nonetheless, we patiently stood in line and waited for the gates to open up at 6:30pm. However, as expected, it started to drizzle but it did little to dampen our spirits. I, for one, was pumped! Soon enough, my watch hands read 6:30pm and the gates were open! The moment I stepped foot into the stadium, I rushed to the best seats and beat everyone to it. I was in all my glory and started to feel that the RM73 I had paid was an insignificant amount for an experience I know will become a memory I will cherish for a long time to come.

One Buck Short kicked off the opening acts which was then followed by Pop Shuvit. Nyeh. Nothing to shout about. Sorry la, but I really don't know how to appreciate our local music. How can bands like One Buck Short ever compare to MCR??!!

It was 7pm already and the stadium had yet to fill up. I was starting to worry that the response had not been good, but I was thankfully proved wrong. Anyway, Pop Shuvit wrapped up by 7:30pm; and then, the waiting game began.

As I had successfully snuck my camera in, we cam whored to kill time.

45 minutes later, my watch showed 8:15pm, but still no sign of MCR! The crowd were becoming restless and soon chants of 'M-C-R' began to echo throughout the stadium. Fans were getting impatient with the long wait and turned rowdy, but still MCR showed no signs of appearing anytime soon. It wasn't until another 15 minutes later that the backdrop started to unveil.

With a loud bang and flash of bright lights, MCR burst onto stage! They wasted no time and dived straight into their opening number 'This Is How I Disappear'. The songs that followed soon after:
  • Dead!
  • I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

  • Give 'Em Hell Kid
  • The Sharpest Lives
  • Mama
  • Cemetery Drive
  • Welcome to the Black Parade

  • I Don't Love You

Playing 'I Don't Love You' immediately after 'Welcome To The Black Parade' was effing AWESOME!
  • House of Wolves
  • You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
  • Helena
  • Teenagers
  • Sleep
  • Cancer

  • Desert Song
  • Famous Last Words

That's 17 songs they played in total! It was simply AMAZING! On top of that, Ray Toro had a guitar solo which was effing WICKED!

Ray Toro's Guitar Solo Part 1:

Ray Toro's Guitar Solo Part 2:

All in all, the performance and singing were abso-effing-lutely flawless! And Gerard was oh-so-effing-SEXY!

Mikey & Gerard Way
(Picture courtesy of The Star newspaper)

After the concert, Calvin, Joanne, Pacita and I went to Damai in Ampang to chill out before retiring for the night.

9 December 2007 was definitely, without a doubt, the most exciting, most splendid night I had all year.

I *heart* MCR!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

the Black Parade!!!

A full and detailed post-mortem of the concert will be posted ASAP!

p/s: I heart you, Gerard Way!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My 101st Post

My blog is lagging.

My updates seem to always be a week old or more.

I need to get back into the blogging groove.

I seem to have lost touch.


Last Saturday Densy, Nush and I went to Bangsar to shop.

But before that, we grabbed lunch at

in Bangsar Village and caught up with each others' lives.

On a random thought, the ice chocolate is yummy-licious.

And then on a random outburst, Nush suddenly had a break down on how unhappening she is, claiming how she doesn't go out as often as other people, or take enough 'picture-perfect' photos with friends, yadda yadda yadda. Yes, very random indeed.

Here's a picture-perfect photo to add to your collection la, Nush.

After lunch, Nush wanted to get her eyebrows threaded and dragged Densy and I along and insisted that we both get our eyebrows threaded as well.

Before threading
It looks so painful.

It doesn't hurt AT ALL!

After threading
That was soooo painful!

2nd time around, and it still blardy hurts!

(Densy and I were both wiping our tears away.)

You two are such whiners!

Nyeh. Paid 5 bucks to get tortured. Swt.

We finally moved on to shopping. Climbing up and down to all the lil boutiques on the 1st floor was so tiring! (I was in heels that day so I'm allowed to complain.) We each bought a few stuff. Den & Nush chipped in to buy me a dress from Blook as my belated birthday present. THANK YOU hons! Love ya both!

After much walking and shopping, we finally headed home. An exhausting day, it really was, but it was nonetheless still great.


Tomorrow is MCR's concert which I'm planning on going though I've not even bought tickets yet. Well, I plan on getting them at the stadium. Stadium Merdeka, that is. That's where the concert is being held. So fingers crossed! Sounds crazily exciting, no? I am sooo pumped!

Anyway, I'm gonna turn in now. Got to save up on my energy now to march the Black Parade tomorrow. =)

Cheers y'all.

p/s: Dear Santa, I just need 3 MCR concert tickets at 30% off.