Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Feel Good!

I've absolutely forgotten what I did yesterday.


... ... ... ... Nope. Nothing.

But anyway, I can still recall what I did the day before yesterday. So that pooh-poohs any sign of amnesia. It was my last day of exam. Nyeh. Paper was so-so. Not likely to fail...not likely to score very high either. But whatevs. Anyhoo, putting that aside, had lunch and caught a movie after my paper with the girls, Sue & Ros.

Hilarious stuff. I loved the movie! As the British would say, I was 'chuffed to bits'. Although we missed the first 15 minutes. First reason being, we watched the movie at TGV. Therefore, no commercials before movies. Therefore, movie normally starts on time. And if you are unlucky enough, it might just even start early. Second reason and probably the more significant of the two, we took 30 minutes deciding where to eat for lunch. Nuff said.

That was Tuesday. Skipping Wednesday cause I still can't recall what I did.

Thursday. Today.

WANTED babeh!

Nyeh. Expected too much. Dammit.

Nonetheless, thank God for ANGELINA JOLIE! HOT HOT HOT! (At this point, I sense some of you might think I'm giving off some sort of gay vibe. Well, too bad. I don't freaking give a damn cause she is effing hot and you don't need to be gay to know that!)

Moving on. to bowl. Finally! Been dying to bowl. But blargh. Didn't manage to go beyond 100 points, but I was close. Oh...I'll get there! Anyway, we didn't think seeing one movie was enough for the day. So we decided to catch
later that night after having heard much about it.

But before that, I had my ballet concert rehearsal. Ah yeah...keeping myself occupied. Hee. (See Z! I need a longer break! So much to do, so little time! Oh, I'll smack you all right for wanting hols to end sooner!) Anyway, my ballet school holds a school concert annually. And for this year's concert, the girls and I will be reprising the same Hawaiian dance we did a few months back for an event. (Can't recall if I ever blogged about it, but pictures are on my facebook.) So today was our first rehearsal, and concert is next Saturday and Sunday. Go us!

That's that. Now back to the movie. Caught the 9:30pm one. Kenneth picked me up and we met his friends inside the hall since we were 5 minutes away from being late. Not my fault. (And not like anyone is asking either, right?) We settled in our seats and enjoyed the movie. Had a good laugh but I almost wished I didn't have an olfactor cause the guy sitting on my right had the worse BO everrr! Ugh! Goddd...some people just don't know the existence of deodorant! Or soap for that matter!

Okay. That's how my hols have been thus far. Like today, my day starts early tomorrow too. *Flashes my million dollar smile—ka-ching!*

I don't want to know how lame I just sounded.

Good night!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Remember I told you my drain cover was stolen.

About a week ago.

Well, I just fucking fell into it. (It's bloody 4 feet deep!)

Because my useless a-hole of a . . . . . . has not gotten it replaced.

I knew it was an accident waiting to happen.

And it did.

To me.

My day could not have ended in a far worst spectacle.

*** ***
I sat for my 2nd last paper this afternoon.



Deja vu.

p/s: My leg effing hurts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

M****r *toot*!

I've got a f**king lizard in my room! And it's f**king huge! So now I can't f**king sleep in my own bloody room and it's f**king 1:30 in the f**king morning!

I almost died just trying to shoo it away. The way it moves and crawls just f**king creeps me out!

I'm still in the midst of my bloody exams and now I can't even get a good night's rest in the comfort of my own f**king bed!

This is so God-damn bloody f**king retarded!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introducing Dr Gwen!


No, I'm not late.

After all, it's still your birthday in other parts of the world.

Tee hee.

So savour every moment of your last teen year!



I think I undermine myself a little too much.

I give myself too little credit than I deserve.

To an extent that it is becoming annoying. To others, that is.

I always prefer to remain sceptical because I never believe in having expectations beyond your reach. They say fear protects you (and it probably does), but I believe so does scepticism.

When you don't expect, you don't get disappointed. Plain and easy.

Though there probably is a flip side to the statement above, but I digress, cause that would only provide a flaw in my argument and then I wouldn't have much of an argument anymore now, would I?

Anyway, directing you back towards the point of my argument, which actually involves my 2nd assignment for Media Studies. I got an HD. "Sweetness."

But honestly, I am shocked. What is harder to believe is how others can't understand why I'm in disbelief of my result. It's a 2000-word-long essay. Might only have spent a day doing my research. Wrote it in 2 bloody days. Wrote the last 5-700 hundred words in uni on the day it was due. So me feeling iffy is completely justifiable!

Not everyone would agree. My tutor included. Blargh.

So maybe I should accept the fact that I just might be gifted in the Arts.


p/s: One of the joys of doing Arts is that you may feel like you're writing bs, but the bs could very well be HD worthy.

Oh...Screw It!

The drain cover of my house was stolen yesterday. And in broad daylight, mind you.

My maid had gone out to buy some stuff, and when she came home, she was shocked to discover this:

She was only away for 20 minutes! Surprisingly, my rottweiler, who is ever so sensitive by the slightest movement, didn't even bark. Pfft. I guess she wasn't meant to be a guard dog.

According to my aunt, a drain cover can fetch for about RM100+. And the stolen ones that are resold only cost RM30. Geez...why didn't I think of selling the drain cover myself? I could have pocketed a cool RM70 if I bought a stolen resold one to replace it. I think I could make a living like that. I buy them cheap and sell them at a profit. could not have sounded simpler than that.

Screw deciding on doing a second major.

Screw thinking about whether I should carry on doing Arts units.

Screw my degree.

Screw my university education.


Anyway, I blame the oil price hike for the stolen drain cover. So who exactly is still in support of the ridiculous price hike?? I cannot imagine anyone to be, unless you're a government servant, of course.


Friday, June 06, 2008

J's Monologue

I sat for 2 papers yesterday. And I would say it went...horribly well. Horrible because the papers would have been tough for someone who didn't study, and 'well', like a stroll in the park for someone who did. Since I fall in neither category, i.e. I studied but didn't die studying, therefore, I think 'horribly well' is an apt way of summing it up.


p/s: Yes, it's a really short monologue (such irony) but it's my first. Hence, I would appreciate an exception. Thank you very much.

pp/s: About me being a godmother, I think I've to keep you in suspense till the end of the month. Sorry, but finals is a bitch.


Sunday, June 01, 2008


I've realised my few previous entries have been utter bs. Well, it's just unfortunate that the past few months of my life has been nothing but uneventful twists and turns. It also doesn't help that I'm grounded on weekdays. Not only does that leave me with nothing to blog about, but I am forced to scout my garden for caterpillars so I can have something to post here just to keep this place alive.

Anyway, I'm just going to launch into a few bullet points of thoughts that are at the top of my head.
  • Firstly, congratulations to my oh-so-brainy smart ass of a cousin who received an offer letter from National University of Singapore (NUS)! His parents are contemplating on whether he should switch over since he is currently studying in Monash (Malaysia). Well, I personally think he should go! How often does Opportunity come knocking on one's door??
  • My mother says: "I'm really quite concerned about your weight."
  • My mother has put me on a diet starting today. "I bought you yoghurt so you can start dieting." Exact quote, mind you.
  • My exam starts this Thursday (5th June) and I've 2 papers on that bloody day! God dammit.
  • My exam ends 24th June. God dammit!
  • My second semester starts 14th July. GOD DAMMIT!!!

It's back to the books for me.

Later y'all.
  • Oh...did I mention that I'm a godmother?! (More on this to come. =D)

Z replied to my The Very Hungry Caterpillar entry:

*Click here* if you are interested in reading more about the caterpillar I found in my garden. My dear friend Z is an arthropod enthusiast and is thus very knowledgeable in the area of insects, creepy crawlies and whatnot.