Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Oh, B(r)other!"

In pitch darkness, I lay on bed alone with my thoughts. They swirl around my room like airflow regulated by the fan. And then they stop. Interrupted by my mum's happy birthday shout out to a certain someone. Oh, my brother.

Happy Birthday Boi Boi!
Grow up or grow old trying.
Tough love. Hee.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Just thought a break from stressing over finals would do me good. Only 2 more papers to go and I am still struggling to catch my breathe. Although, it may not be entirely due to exams. *Wink*
  • Anyway, guess who rushed to the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid last Friday to "perform" on stage in front of a crowd (think in hundreds) and won tickets to the Mamma Mia! musical babeh??! Oh, that's right. ME. Effing embarrassing, but at least I have bragging rights. Hah.
  • Recently, I find myself smiling to myself (I don't know how else I could have written it without repeating 'myself' twice. Ugh. My English is atrocious.) more often than not. Too often in fact, that people who catch me red handed think I have a screw loose. Just to clear the air, I am not going dotty. I have my reasons. =)
  • Still thinking...pretty sure there's one more thing. Oh god...my brain is atrophying.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiff!

got drunk (me more than you),
skinny dipped,
flipped a canoe over,
gave little 'Enchanted' performances,
put on weight together,
lost weight together,
and done so much more in only 2 years??
And to think we've been learning ballet together at the same place for 15 long years and I only got to know you in the last 2 years.
Nonetheless, all is not lost as the times we've shared together have never lacked a dull moment.
So here's a toast to YOU,
for your 20th birthday,
and to many more memories to come.

Happy birthday Tiff!

Much love,

p/s: I *heart* you.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I've read countless reports of snatch thefts in the newspapers. Heard numerous stories of them. Seen my neighbours (note the plural) get robbed. The last thing you would expect is for it to happen to you...or in my case, my mum. But that's probably the one thing all snatch theft victims share in common prior to getting robbed, they'd always think it would never happen to them...until it does.

At about 12:30pm today, my mum's handbag was snatched as she was walking into the house. Two malays/indonesians (which, she was unsure) on a motorbike sped towards my mum and grabbed her handbag, dragging her along the road as my mum stubbornly refused to let go. Thankfully, she escaped with only a few minor cuts and bruises but her handbag was gone. Scarily enough, she saw it coming. When she stepped out of the car, she saw the motorbike from afar and instinctively knew what would unfold. However, petrified and unsure of what to do, her first thought was to dash into the house. Unfortunately, everything happened in a blink of an eye and it was all too late. It's a sad ordeal for my mum but I know she'll get past it.

I hope no one would ever have to encounter such an experience but it is never by choice, the cards we are dealt. So to everyone (especially the ladies), always be aware and be safe.

Thursday, October 02, 2008