Sunday, May 20, 2007

Riding High

I went to Metropolitan last night for the Auto Fiesta with Sean & Tiff.

Got to see the Hummer! And Hannah Tan. (She's quite petite.)

Besides that, I got to see Farah Stalin catwalk. She was a finalist for the Hypertune Cover Girl contest. She won 3rd place. (I think.) Congratulations girl!

After that we headed back to Tiff's place to catch the FA Cup final between Man U & Chelsea. (Ok...I'm so not talking about the match.)

It was a disappointing result, but my mood was lifted when I stepped into the Volkswagen Passat.

She fucks good...

Tiff's dad wanted Yee Mee, so we took that opportunity to take the car out for a spin.

The ride was just absolutely...orgasmic.

p/s: Congratulations to Chelsea for the undeserving win.

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