Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Night on Broadway

Blargh. I kept procrastinating my updates and now everything is disorganised, so just try and bare with me.


Thursday, 14 February 2008:

I had this night planned out since end January and was excited when it finally arrived. To cut the long story short, I bought tickets to watch 'A Night on Broadway' at The Actors Studio. But my mum and and aunt never knew about it until 10 minutes before the show.

The day started off like any other ordinary day. I was still somewhat recovering from Wednesday night's boozy-ness (Sean's farewell @ Luna Bar...which I will blog about next.) and my mum and aunt, they just got on with their day doing their everyday chores. It was soon evening when we started getting ready to go out for dinner which I had informed them about since the beginning of the week. We decided to eat at Dome since mummy had 2 RM50 vouchers, so must as well use it. I knew we were running slightly late when dinner was served at 7:30pm. I kept glancing at my watch every now and then in between eating, afraid that we would be late for the show. It was 8:15pm when we finally settled the bill. It was then that I unveiled the surprise. They were both shocked. Nyeh. That's hardly the word that comes to mind, judging from their expressions when I told them. They were just so....placid. Sheesh. But, they did say they were pleasantly surprised though I think they lack the emotional capability to at least look surprised! =P

Densy and her bf were already inside the studio when we got there. (I bought the ticks with her and we got a special package price. Hehe.) As I was getting to my seat, I almost "pk-ed" down the steps but luckily, I managed to save myself the humiliation. Thank God.

Anyway, the evening turned out great. My mum and aunt really enjoyed the show, so that was a great relief. We were all just so blown away by their voices. They were all really just simply amazing. "Ahhh...the best!" The show really really was uber duper fantastic! Magnifico! Superbo! Splendido! My aunt purchased their CDs and we got it autographed.

After the show, we decided to try to Mango Mania in Jalan Telawi. My aunt had always wanted to try it ever since she stumbled upon a review of the place. Nothing too spectacular la. We finally retired from the night after dessert.

It was a memorable night on Broadway indeed. =)


Ticket Stubs:
Heh. I only bought them for RM81.20 each! What a deal, eh?

Meet the cast:
Tania de Jong, the Soprano

Jonathan Morton, the Baritone

Rebecca Chambers, the Pianist

Rebecca & Jon Bode, the Soprano & the tenor
They're husband and wife. How cute is that! Tee hee.

Soul Sistas!

Aunt & Mum @ Mango Mania

Our dessert, absolutely yoghurt.

X o x o.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

That's Hot


Updates to come.

p/s: Oh, it was a pretty awesome night. =)

pp/s: Happy Valentine's Day peeps.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

2 Girls 1 Cup

I've recently caught wind about this "video". Not just any ordinary video, but rather one that is revoltingly disgusting and might probably make you barf. Or so I've seen and heard...from people's reactions, that is.

Even Joe Rogan, host of Fear Factor, was dared to watch it and he did.

Check out his reaction...CLICK HERE!

This group of people's reaction is pretty hilarious...CLICK HERE.

Well, that's really all I've seen. Having watch those and heard some of my friends' reaction is enough to haunt me.

Nonetheless, for those who dare......


I, however, strongly strongly strongly discourage anyone from watching it. It's repugnant. Heck, I don't even dare myself.

So watch it at your own risk...but don't say I didn't warn you.

I don't even think parental guidance should be advisable.

*I will not be held liable for any sort of discomfort suffered from watching the video.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

"I Love Being Around Densy Cause She Makes Me Feel Smart."

Friday night: Densy, Jenny, Dee and I finally made it for Chee Cheong Fun after many many MANY failed attempts. I wonder why......

Care to explain why, Jenny?

Be nice to me.

Trying to be artsy fartsy. I did say TRYING.

Bimbotic moment.

I've no clue what they were up to either.

Get it?

Me, Jenny, Densy & Dee

After dinner, we headed off to Cineleisure for bowling. Dee however couldn't join us cause she had other plans.

Being stuck at the backseat, Jenny got locked up.

"Oh Jenny..."

The pictures took forever to upload and so I've pretty much lost my thoughts. Blargh.

Jenny & Me

We had to wait around for a bit cause there weren't any available lanes. Standing around and being sampats, we suddenly saw this:


An eyesore, indeed.

And to think they bowled in that! Just imagine...

Of shoes and sizes.

What's with the look Jenny? And the smirk, Densy?

Densy, Me & Jenny

After our bowling session, we went over to McD's for fries. As we were heading out of Cineleisure... ( might enjoy this. MIGHT.)

Jenny's treat, for finishing last in bowling.

Saying grace.

Anyway, I'm off to Pangkor now. Will be back in 3 days time!

Till then, toodles y'all!

I'm Lovin' Starbucks

Friday: I went to visit Zong at work......again.

I was told to stroll in, grab a seat and act like a customer.

And so I did...and got served.

'Here's your drink, Miss.'
Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino Blended Creme

When you're getting it free, what's there to complain about?

As I waited for Zong to get off work, I enjoyed my drink and allowed the breeze (Not that there was much...nor was it cool. Pfft.) to brush my face. But I noticed someone else enjoying the not-so-cool breeze too...

Awww...ain't he obedient?

Meet Champion, the bulldog.

"Oh Zong...I want some more." =)