Thursday, April 28, 2011

NOT a Rant

You know what I don't get? People who write a rant but then fail cause their grammar is all over the place, hence the rant falling apart and whatever point they were trying to make becomes invalid. If you're one of them, yes, YOU FAIL.

*** ***

Funny how I would always dream about what my college days will be like when I was in high school, and what my working days will be like when I was in college, and what my future will be like...well, all the time. Yes, a girl daydreams a lot but the reality never quite turns out the same. Or maybe not yet. Career wise at least. Ah ha, this little girl ain't so little anymore. Who'd have thought this day would come, earning my own money and living on my own. Okay. Not quite. I still live with my mum but that really ain't so bad, especially when you're getting paid peanuts. Sometimes, I even wished I literally am. No I kid. Alas, the beginning of everything is always painstaking. This raring urge to climb the corporate ladder as fast as I can is becoming harder to quell. Yes, I've become more kiasu than ever and it's not even about working late. It's about working extra and producing more than that's expected of me. The whole work life balance is still pretty manageable for now but everyone has different priorities in life, and mine right now, is my career. So apologies if I always choose my work first before anything else, because I will.

Life's too short to do too little and not long enough to do too much. So we just do.