Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

is the best book in the Harry Potter series since Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

A must read...though I hate the ending.

p/s: To a certain someone who got a piece of my mind for attempting to spoil the book for me...I'm sorry and you're forgiven.

Hope Sinks

Last Monday, I received an email from a person who decided to cut off our friendship ties.

Last Thursday, shit happened.

Today, the person sent me an sms in a feeble attempt to apologise. An apology...via sms.

*** ***

'Sorry' is getting overrated.

Disappointed too many times.

I no longer have a reason to care.

Penang Assam Laksa

God, I miss it!

I went to Penang over the weekend. Followed my cousin up to 'kidnap' her friend's dog which has been ill-treated and at the same time, meet my cousins and their new-born daughter, who have flown up from Down Under.

That's her, Megan Lucinda Giang, my niece.

In one night, I ate my Assam Laksa, Char Koey Teow, Tok-tok Mee (aka Wanton Mee) and Bang Chang Kueh.

After that, my cousin, her friend and I went to my cousin's friend's flat to 'adopt' the dog.

This is Snow, who gets caged up almost 24/7.

Upon knowing that, my cousin forced her friend to give the dog to her.

Anyway, more pictures of my Penang trip to come (once I get hold of them).

p/s: I can't get enough of Penang food!

The Disciple is Appreciated

Tiff went to the U.K. about 3 weeks ago. She came back on the 20th just in time for our ballet concert (pictures of our ballet concert will also soon be uploaded on my Space).

Anyway, she came back with this for me.

A token of appreciation from the Lord, for all the work I've done and will be doing for Her.

'I Feel So Alive!'

It came to a point when I thought my blog was going to drown with me and my dramas. But I had a firm grip on my soul, as I refused to hand 'it' over' to the Angel of Death. The 'Hand of God' pulled me out of a whirlpool that I found myself swimming in and I...was saved.

And now here I am, resurrecting my blog.

Gosh, where do I even begin?

My holidays have ended. My 2nd semester has begun. And somewhere in between, I shared tears, laughter, joy and pain. (So bloody cliché.)

7 July 2007

I bought the LG Shine.
*<-- Picture taken by the Shine
Loving my phone, but I do miss my Moto.

And I think I'll be posting up pictures of what I did during my semester break on my Space, cause it's been far too long for me to do a recap, and furthermore, it is said that pictures paint a thousand words.

I'll let you know once pictures have been uploaded.

As for now, have a great week people!


p/s: I'm back!

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Lord Loves Me

Tiffany & her spartan & his friends went to Malacca last Thursday (June 28). Well, I was invited, but my body was aching; and Tiff & I had a performance coming up on Saturday, so I declined. (In any case, mummy wouldn't have allowed me to go, cause it was rather last minute. Furthermore, it was only a 2 day trip.)

Anyway, the next day, Tiff and I had rehearsal; and look at what the Lord brought for me:

The famous Chicken Rice Balls
...all the way from Malacca

Mummy: Tiff brought back the famous Malacca Chicken Rice Balls for you? That's very sweet of her.

p/s: Thank you so much, my Lord. I love the rice balls!

pp/s: My mummy likes you again. =)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Holiday

June 20:
  • Zong came to uni to visit moi after my last paper.
  • Zong and Poe accompanied me to pay my fine which was supposedly RM80. But I got a discount. So I only needed to pay RM40. =) (50%! Awesome!)
  • Dropped Poe off at OU, then Zong and I went to the Curve to catch Ocean's 13.
June 21:
  • My Maison night out
For a full summary, *click here*.

(Some pictures however, may portray graphic sexual acts. Hence, viewers discretion is advised.)

June 22 - 29:
  • Starts shooting Season 2 of One Tree Hill (Edisi Malaysia).
  • More drama unfolds.
  • Wraps up shooting of Satu Pokok Bukit. (Yep, a whole season in just one week. Amazing.)
  • Went to watch Hot Fuzz.
We cam whored before the movie:

One big dysfunctional (happy?) family

Optimus vs. Megatron

Homer is so retarded

Hot Fuzz was one hell of a movie

Can't wait to watch this movie!

God...we are so LAME!
  • Watched Transformers on its released date with my friends. Queued up for almost 40 minutes and ended up with tickets 4 rows from the screen. Sigh. But nonetheless, the movie was AWZM PWZM!!!
  • After the movie, we went to the Curve to meet up with Zong's cousin and his friends.
Big Apple Donuts anyone?

Zong. Shazy. Calvin. Fei. Ju
@ Laundry Bar

The Ladies
(Shazy's stupid fat hand!)

The Daddys
  • After that, Zong, Calvin and I decided to head back to Zong's place to hang out.
We were losers in the first round

In the bedroom

We are whores!

The boys are such sore losers
My winning card:

Yep...this is how I've been spending my holidays so far.

p/s: It has been exhausting.