Friday, May 04, 2007

Langkawi: A Post Mortem

Now that I'm back from my trip, I've really got to get back to my work. I'm gonna keep complaining about university life. So bare with me. Cause it really does suck.

Anyway, on the lighter side of things, I've decided to list down the events that took place in Langkawi. Mainly what I did in Lankawi actually. Some things you might not even want to know. No worries, nothing too scandalous.
  1. I think I drank more than 10 cups over the 2 nights. (No wonder I didn't get high. Shit.)
  2. I probably bathed in someone's semen. *Ahem... (Mainly cause the shower always gets flooded. And the PEOPLE who bathed before me...I don't think I need to elaborate further.)
  3. I lost my shades. (My beloved Ralph Lauren shades. Sigh.)
  4. I lost my voice. (Ohh yea...I had a really deep sexy voice.)
  5. I kissed a girl. (Not the most 'straight' thing to do.)
  6. I went to the beach in the wee hours. (It's really quite peaceful. Probably one of the best times to have really great sex on a beach.)
  7. I pee-ed on the beach...twice. (Not the most feminine thing to do. But I really needed to pee quite badly.)
  8. I stripped in the sea. (Not entirely...just the top. And I didn't act alone. Tiff & I caused the dudes kayaking not far from us to topple over. Sweet.)
  9. I drove a van. An old, no power steering manual van. (And I was smooth, right Pau?)
  10. I bumped into Melissa Julia D'Cruz! (My classmate from high school. How random is that! I miss you Melsy.)
I didn't get I could still recall a lot of the things that happened.



td said...

nowander the sea water was yellow for a while...

Ju said...

Oi...I did it on the last night! We never went to the beach after you couldn't have known. =P