Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I left for uni at 8am today, though my class only starts at 11am. Why? Parking. (And I'm not being kiasu!) I just don't want to have to park on the opposite side of uni and walk TWO KILOMETRES which most people do cause parking there is free. (I'm not so 'kiam-sap'.)

So here I am, seated in front of my lappie in the cafeteria...blogging.

Anyway, PJ was hit by a really bad storm in the late afternoon yesterday. (The weather has been eccentric.) Well, I couldn't really feel the effects of the storm since I was in the LIBRARY, hard at work (aka doing my bloody accounts assignment). I did not leave uni till 5pm, and my ballet starts at 6pm. (And yes, I was late for ballet.)

So after a long day at uni, I had a surprisingly smooth drive home only to have my neighbourhood greet me like this:

My tornado-hit street

Fallen leaves...

and broken trees

It looked just like a scene from Twister. So "Hollywood". So surreal. Well, thank God no one got hurt. =)

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