Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just My Luck

What I predicted to be a dull, ordinary back-to-uni-after-a-week's-break day didn't quite turn out to be so. At least, not entirely. It was still 'ordinary' to a certain extent.

Actually, the only intriguing part of the day was my morning. So I walked into the lecture theatre and found my seat by my friends. One of my friend then passes me a small paper bag containing a gift. WRAPPED. Occasion......none that I can think of. The only occasion I know that is round the corner is Mother's Day. (And I've never gone through labour...or even had sex for that matter. So yea...) If you don't find that weird, perhaps you'll find this to be. From who,
you would probably now be asking. Well, I DON'T KNOW! No card, no note, no name. And my friend couldn't recognise the person who passed it to her. Just great. I don't even think the gift is meant for me actually. The person probably got mixed up.

I guess I'm left to ponder and wonder. Ah heck it, everyone deserves to get lucky once in a while. And I guess today was my 'lucky' day. =)

p/s: The gift?

The Holiday soundtrack CD.

(Random, but sweet.)

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