Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Man U 1-0 Barcelona

Kudos to Paul Scholes, of course. =)

I got up just in time to watch the last 8 minutes of the match. Happy to see that the score was at 1-0 but yet knowing, my team can't afford to draw. Hence, I felt like I was sitting for an examination paper cause that was by far one of the most nerve wrecking display of football I had ever seen. Moving into extra time, I was getting queasy. Barcelona kept good possession but (thankfully) failed to make the most out of it...clearly.

At last, the final whistle was blown, and emotions of excitement and relief took over all frissons of nervous tension that initially occupied the hearts of Man U fans. I was jumping for joy, literally. Overjoyed, in fact, as we have now created history by ensuring our place in the very first all-English final in European Champion Clubs' Cup history!

With Man United's anthem resounding in my ears, I could not have asked for a more befitting end.

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