Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Go Veg

A general reaction to a person who is a vegetarian would probably be "Pfft...you are MAD!".

Okay, so maybe that's the 'general reaction' I've gotten from a few people I've told about going semi-vegetarian.

One of my reasons for going semi-vegetarian is because I'm completely, indubitably, beyond a doubt OVERWEIGHT. I know so cause it is my own body. And they say 'mummies always know best', right? Well, my mummy says so too. So there.

At the same time, while I go semi-green, I feel a part of PETA's Action Team as I take that small step in helping to change society's attitude toward animals. It is a shame that some just refuse to be aware of the cruelty and brutality inflicted upon animals in the world today.

There is a difference between someone who isn't a vegan but is at least aware of animal abuse and someone who isn't vegan and refuses to acknowledge the fact that it exists.

Peace out.

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