Friday, April 18, 2008

'I Might Even be A Rock Star!'

*Breathes in, breathes out*

Ahhh...I can breathe again.

I had a terribly nervy day yesterday (Thursday). 2 presentations in 1 day was enough to leave me gasping for air after suffering an anxiety attack. (Overly exaggerated.) Okay, so I ALMOST had an anxiety attack. (I enjoy being melodramatic. So what?)

Anyway, that's not the real story.

I know I said I'm on hiatus, but I just had to blog about the most bizarre compliment I received. (Haha. Don't get me wrong Lin-Dy, I really do appreciate it. No doubt bizarre, but I love it! So THANK YOU!)

After delivering my second presentation that day (Well in actual fact, I was really just reading off my presentation notes.), I sat back down and my friend immediately turned to me and asked, "Do you sing?"

I looked at her, dumbfounded, and replied, "No." Slightly intrigued, I asked, with eyebrows raised, "Why?"

"Oh, cause you have a singer's voice. Your voice is very sharp and clear."

I wore my weirdest smile and in between snickers, I responded, "Oh really? Erm...Oookay."

Nyeh. Laugh all you want now; but once I start my coaching lessons and one day become a rock star, I can almost guarantee I'll be having the last laugh.

So Tiff, you'll become a famous dancer/politician while I'll become a famous rock star, and we'll both take over the world! With all the 'ka-ching' we'll rake in, we can build our conjoined homes on the 800 acre piece of land you plan to acquire (or was it 8000 acres? Frankly, I think 800 is way too much already.).

Oh Sean, you're always welcome to stay with us. I'll build a shack just for you, and I'll situate it right next to Zelda's kennel. *wink*


Tiffany Toh said...

lol! hell yea!

we'll both conquer the world..

i must hear your wonderful singing voice! lol.. funny shit!

Ju said...

Yes...hilarious no doubt.

Wait la...let me undergo some coaching lessons first. Then I'll totally BLOW you away! LOL!

miss rainbow said...

and when ure famous, u must REMEMBER me ok?? because i was the one who discovered u! ok not really but i was the one who told u that u have a singer's voice!! hehehehe

GO JUEYYY!! oh yea. maybe u can start by singing Hey Jude..HAHAHHA


Ju said...

Lol. You're miss rainbow? Haha. How cute.

And of course I'll rmbr you! Technically you can say you discovered pointing out my voice!

You know wert...that's exactly what I'm gonna do this very instant. I'm youtubing 'Hey Jude' as we speak!

...ok found it! Now i'm gonna SING! So excuse me now...while I impress myself.

miss rainbow said...

hahahaha.. so funny!!! yes and u shall sing for us next thursday!! wheeee!! anyway yah cos i like rainbow so im miss rainbow!! hehehehe