Friday, April 18, 2008


Having survived half the day yesterday (Thursday), I really needed to de-stress. I buzzed Cal and we headed off to Sunway Pyramid after my class.

And of course, we had to try the surprisingly-not-much-talked-about Wendy's. (Cal was lucky to catch me on my non-vegan day.)

Cal ordered a shrimp burger while I had a crispy chicken burger. As I unwrapped my burger, I was mildly disappointed to be presented with this:
A piece of meat, a pathetic piece of lettuce, a slice of tomato and mayo slopped on one side of the bun. All that sandwiched between 2 burger buns. Oh, and I hate tomato and mayo! So all I had left was my chicken meat and that pathetic piece of lettuce for filling. How appetizing. Nyeh. Nothing to shout about.

Moving on.

We walked for a bit to allow the unsatisfying, unhealthy, high calorie food to digest before heading off to the arcade to engage in some brainless but harmless fun. It was good to get my mind off uni work. Very therapeutic. Highly recommended if anyone is looking to de-stress.

Moving on.

We decided to catch a movie too. It was between Definitely, Maybe or this:
Quite obviously, we chose the latter. I guess it wasn't too bad since I wasn't really expecting much. Nonetheless, it makes for a good lol movie. However, if the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia could not get any more retarded, it did. They cut scenes from the romantic comedy movie. What scenes could there possibly be in a movie as such that would have been so inappropriate to watch? Seriously. Geez.

Moving on.

After the movie, we made our way to Ole-ole Bali to chill out. We spilled thoughts as we enjoyed our drinks. And that pretty much concluded my Thursday.

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