Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tag No. 4

Tagged by Ruwan on Monday, 7 April 2008.

The Rules:
  1. Link your tagger and post this rules.
  2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
  3. Tag 8 people.
  4. And let them know they've been tagged.
8 random facts about yours truly:
  • I'm afraid of closing my eyes when I bathe.
  • I also always need a night light in my room cause I can never ever fall asleep alone in complete darkness.
  • I don't get along well with Taureans. I'm cynical like that. But unless you're a dog, then I guess I can make an exception.
  • I wouldn't say I'm a dangerous driver. I would say I'm an exciting driver. Thrilling even.
  • I'm also a road bully. There, I admit. But only at times. It depends on my mood and on who's sitting in the passenger's seat.
  • I have a short fuse. Like really really short. Sometimes, I feel I ought to attend anger management classes.
  • After a call I made to an intended receiver was missed, it truly annoys the hell out of me to receive a message from that person which reads: "Hey. You called?". *Rolls eyes*
  • I would choose driving a stick over an auto transmission any time babeh! (But with the exception of traffic jams. Given that circumstance, I may need to reconsider.)
Tag 8 people?? That's tough. I can't think of 8 people who'd do this. But anyway, I tag:
  • Wong Zhi Hoong (Seeing how you love doing tags!)
  • Seok (Now you've got 24 to do. Haha!)
  • Tiff (Your finals will be over soon, so you should have lots of time on your hands. And plus, 8 random facts about yourself can't be hard to come up with, given the person that you are. Lol!)
  • Ru (Can I tag you again? Then you'll have to come up with another 8. Tee hee.)
  • Zong (Not that you will ever do this. Or maybe you can surprise me. Hehe.)
  • Cal (Time to uncover 8 random facts about YOURSELF.)
  • Lindy Dindy (Faye, I didn't tag you cause I know Lindy will be tagging you. Right, Lindy?)
  • Sue (Whenever you get back from Penang la. I hope you ate my share of Assam Laksa for me!)
Oh, that's 8 already!


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