Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Effing HATE

reptiles, insects or anything that makes me squirm! I just have a terrible fear of creepy crawlies. It's an irresolvable problem I have with them...or maybe they have a problem with me. Either way, me and creepy crawlies is equivalent to a marriage from hell.


I've caught the virus. My throat is sore. Hence, I wanted to gargle my mouth with salt water. To cut the long story short, a bloody LIZARD fell onto my leg! It didn't help that I was in shorts! Mother *toot*! I almost had a heart attack! My heart most definitely skipped a beat.

The mere thought that I had a lizard clinging on to my leg...ugh ugh ugh! That was just bloody effing disgusting! I swear I'm this close to having a nervous breakdown.

*Breathe Ju. Recompose.*

*Shrugs.* Ewwwwww!



In other related news: (This happened last year, I believe.)

I was driving home from uni and the setting sun was blinding my eyes. Hence, I reached to pull down the sun visor and a bloody spider fell onto my lap! Panic mode completely took over as my heart began to palpitate. To make matters worst, I had just turned out onto the LDP. I had to freaking turn into the housing areas to pull over, before stepping out of the car to 'shake it (I.e. the spider.) off'. I got back into my car and spent close to 10 minutes TRYING to regain my composure. Swt.

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