Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Filler #2

*Overdue Post:

Today will mark the end and beginning of many things.

For starters, my exam has ended, and that officially wraps up my summer course and signals the start of my liberty!

I'm gonna start going back on my diet. The I'm-on-a-diet-but-it-doesn't-really-exist one. Or I'm-on-a-diet-cause-my-mummy-says-I-need-to. Or the I'm-on-a-diet... Basically, I'M ON A DIET. I need to lose the fats and the nick name 'Rolly Polly' my mum has so "affectionately" given me, as well as, relinquish the title for having the biggest ass. Nope, not a title I'm too keen of holding on. So with that, it means no pasta, no fast food, no carbo, no junk food, no mamak, no pizza!

I might want to start writing those down on sticky notes and start pasting them all around my room as reminders.

I think I should also start cleaning up my room before my semester starts.

I need to start being more efficient and stop procrastinating.

p/s: Gawd...this post was so long overdue. I can't remember what I actually meant to write.

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