Sunday, February 22, 2009

Expressway 219

It was Tuesday
When we jaunt out of Pee Jay
With our luggages in toll
We were ready to roll

Excited at the prospect
of being in another state
Our spirits had grown
too big to deflate

Reaching Pee Dee
In the swiftest of time
That was expected
Since my driving skills are sublime

Sleeping at 4
Playing Shit Head and Taboo
Waking at noon
To go kart racing and splash in the pool

Wednesday came around
And we were none too please
When a little pebble brown
Shattered the windscreen which made us wheeze

Our road trip was shortened
But lives were spared
Bonds were strengthened
And memories were shared

Thankful to still be alive
to see the light of day
to see the dark of night
Thankful to still be alive
to cliché
and to write
And if I so should add
with much great delight

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