Thursday, September 04, 2008


That's short for The Amazing Race Asia Series 3.

I just caught the Racers Revealed episode. And boy oh boy, this season is made up with lots of good looking people! And, an added plus, they all speak well. =)

I'll start off by introducing our Malaysian teams.

Ida Nerina & Tania Khan
One's an actress, and the other an heiress.
They are fun and dramatic, so that would make for good entertainment.
They have my full support.
Girl power! Grrr!

Bernie & Henry Chan
Sister & brother.
Apparently she was the host of Project Runway Malaysia (which I've never seen) and he is a chef.
They seem physically strong and intellectual.

I do hope our Malaysian teams go far.
Malaysia BOLEH!

Now, the eye candies.

Pailin Rungratanasunthorn & Natalie Glebova
Beauty pageants.
One was Miss Earth 2006 while the other was Miss Universe 2005.
And Natalie Glebova is the wife of professional tennis player Paradorn Srichaphan.
They are representing Thailand, if you couldn't already guess.
Oh they are really pretty & hot!

Geoff Rodriguez & Tisha Silang
Don't they make a good looking couple?
They are representing the Philippines, although he's a New Zealander and she's a Canadian. Pfft.
We'll see if the race makes or breaks them.
It'll be interesting to watch.

William & Isaac Hong
Representing South Korea.
I think William is kinda cute.
But his brother, he looks a bit like a doofus, though I assure you, he is anything but.

And the most unlikely team to ever race:
A.D. & Fuzzie
Best friends.
They are such characters.
One has OCD while the other is a real sloth.
They may not be perfect for the race but they are, to quote them, "perfect for TV".

These are some of the more appealing racers. With such exuberant personalities and pizzazz exerted from these teams, a climatically engrossing season is definitely in store. Well, you'll know where to find me on Thursday nights at 9pm—couched in front of the idiot box and cheering on the Women in Black!

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