Thursday, September 04, 2008


A quickie...because I really have nothing much to blog about. Really.
  • Pictures of the MTV Asia Awards and Panic at the Disco concert are finally up on my facebook. Those who aren't on my friend's list...well, unless you can come up with a creative reason for me to add you, then it's just too bad la. I say 'creative' because I don't simply approve anyone. And evidently, reasons like "I want to be your friend" just wouldn't cut it.
  • Officially went back for ballet last Tuesday. Although I am terribly rusty and tight (that's 'inflexible' in ballet lingo), it feels good to be dancing again. Whilst chatting with my ballet teacher, she pointed out that she used to be just like me when she was dancing. "This fat?" I asked while gesturing to my body. "Yes," she replied. On a related topic, a few weeks back, I attended some of my ballet teacher's lower grade classes just to accompany Tiff, and my ballet teacher very nonchalantly quipped Tiff as being overweight for a dancer and me...obese.
  • Recalling one of my previous post, I mentioned I was a godmother. I think the suspense has died off, naturally. Nonetheless, this is the story. Tiff made a baby, few months back. It's a she. And her name is Iris.
Oh, did I fail to mention that my godchild is a stuffed bear?
Still, she's pretty, no?
  • Last but not least, Avril's concert was rocking awesome!!! And
I stole those horns. Okay.
Technically, Calvin stole them.
I wanted something to remember the concert by, besides the pictures and ticket stub. And since the original merchandises were so unreasonably priced, (RM90 for a tee-shirt! Geez.) I thought the horns would be cool. Spotting a store that sold them, we walked over to it. There was a small crowd gathering round the store as like me I presume, they were getting last minute souvenirs after the concert. Calvin picked up the horn. Looked at me. Looked at the vendor who was too busy entertaining the other buyers. Looked at me again and said, "Let's go." So we turned around and scampered off. In fairness, I did feel guilty but at the same time, it was quite gratifying. Brought back childhood memories. Looking back, I was probably kleptomanic when I was a child. I stole a fair bit of amount, but they were mainly small lil miscellanous stuff. I especially enjoyed stealing those teeny tiny locks you'd find on kid's diaries back then. I'm sure they still sell them. Hey, don't judge. I bet everyone stole before as a child. I don't anymore. Unless I 'find a penny, I'd pick it up and all day long I'll have good luck'. =)

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