Friday, September 19, 2008


A short one. (It initially was. Updated at midnight. It appears my braincells work better in the wee hours as something definitely jolted my memory.)
  • I just finished reading Marley & Me and was moved to tears. Touching. It's a good book, and Marley reminds me of Zelda. Looking forward to the movie although choosing Owen Wilson to play John seemed like an odd pick, personally, I feel.
  • No matter how tight your privacy settings are on Facebook, unknown friends' requests are inevitable. So I was checking my mail this morning and had received a notification from Facebook of a friend's request. From the subject I could read it was that of a stranger's. Nonetheless, I clicked the mail open and found "Cherry Love" had not only added me but also attached a message. The message read: "Hi,,,wanna join me n my bf for threesome?? couple singing also can = )." I was dumbfounded. A little shell-shocked too, but I responded: "Hi Ms Cherry Love. I hope you're into S & M. I would evidently play the role of a dominatrix just cause I'm diabolical like that. So unless you want to get whipped and emotionally abused by yours truly, I suggest you think twice before sending out requests like such. Don't be a tease cause I can assure you a sadist would not be at all please. I would know, trust me. *Wink* Xoxo. Be nice. =)"
  • I went to the Pas...I'M KIDDING! Of course I didn't reply! I however did report her because I firmly believe Facebook isn't a portal for sexual gratification.
  • I went to the Pasar Ramadhan in Section 14 today. And having failed to buy the famous Mohd. Kasim's 'popiah basah' last year and a few times this year, I finally succeeded today; only to go home and find it isn't worth the long queues, nor the missed chances. Geez. I was even informed by Jan that he actually sells daily at the food court in Section 14. WTF. And yet people queue, every bloody day throughout the month of Ramadhan, regardless rain or shine, to buy his popiah. OMG. And can you believe that he sells out every day! JEE-ZUS. And he sells over 1000 pieces a day. A dollar each. A whole month is 30 days. That's almost RM30 000, plus minus. OMFG!
  • I just accompanied my mum to take Zelda out for her leak and she casually proposes the idea of buying me a slimming package. Can you believe it? MY MUM WANTS TO BUY ME A SLIMMING PACKAGE! Insistently offers too, if I should add. Pfft!

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