Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maid To Work

I sat for my Financial Management mid-semester test last Friday and might possibly have flunked it. And that's not even the worst news!

What tops that was my maid leaving last Sunday and won't be returning home till 5 weeks later! "Oh my effing god?!"

It was a public holiday yesterday and I spent my morning washing my lingerie. With my bare hands. That was a swell way to start the day. I expect the water bill to rise this month and also, I probably wouldn't have any lingerie left to wear by the time my maid returns.

Last Tuesday, I rushed home from uni, changed and was all ready to go for ballet only to not be able to find my ballet bag. I searched high and low, but to no avail. The time was already 6:25pm. Class started at 6pm. I had half the mind to call my maid all the way in Indonesia to ask. Instead, I just texted my ballet teacher to apologise for my absence and told her I was still searching for my bag. (My mum came home from work and it took her less than a minute to spot my bag. To say the least, I got an earful from her.)

Oh my god, I miss my maid!

p/s: Do you add fabric softener to washing powder to wash lingerie?

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