Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Feel Good!

I've absolutely forgotten what I did yesterday.


... ... ... ... Nope. Nothing.

But anyway, I can still recall what I did the day before yesterday. So that pooh-poohs any sign of amnesia. It was my last day of exam. Nyeh. Paper was so-so. Not likely to fail...not likely to score very high either. But whatevs. Anyhoo, putting that aside, had lunch and caught a movie after my paper with the girls, Sue & Ros.

Hilarious stuff. I loved the movie! As the British would say, I was 'chuffed to bits'. Although we missed the first 15 minutes. First reason being, we watched the movie at TGV. Therefore, no commercials before movies. Therefore, movie normally starts on time. And if you are unlucky enough, it might just even start early. Second reason and probably the more significant of the two, we took 30 minutes deciding where to eat for lunch. Nuff said.

That was Tuesday. Skipping Wednesday cause I still can't recall what I did.

Thursday. Today.

WANTED babeh!

Nyeh. Expected too much. Dammit.

Nonetheless, thank God for ANGELINA JOLIE! HOT HOT HOT! (At this point, I sense some of you might think I'm giving off some sort of gay vibe. Well, too bad. I don't freaking give a damn cause she is effing hot and you don't need to be gay to know that!)

Moving on. to bowl. Finally! Been dying to bowl. But blargh. Didn't manage to go beyond 100 points, but I was close. Oh...I'll get there! Anyway, we didn't think seeing one movie was enough for the day. So we decided to catch
later that night after having heard much about it.

But before that, I had my ballet concert rehearsal. Ah yeah...keeping myself occupied. Hee. (See Z! I need a longer break! So much to do, so little time! Oh, I'll smack you all right for wanting hols to end sooner!) Anyway, my ballet school holds a school concert annually. And for this year's concert, the girls and I will be reprising the same Hawaiian dance we did a few months back for an event. (Can't recall if I ever blogged about it, but pictures are on my facebook.) So today was our first rehearsal, and concert is next Saturday and Sunday. Go us!

That's that. Now back to the movie. Caught the 9:30pm one. Kenneth picked me up and we met his friends inside the hall since we were 5 minutes away from being late. Not my fault. (And not like anyone is asking either, right?) We settled in our seats and enjoyed the movie. Had a good laugh but I almost wished I didn't have an olfactor cause the guy sitting on my right had the worse BO everrr! Ugh! Goddd...some people just don't know the existence of deodorant! Or soap for that matter!

Okay. That's how my hols have been thus far. Like today, my day starts early tomorrow too. *Flashes my million dollar smile—ka-ching!*

I don't want to know how lame I just sounded.

Good night!


Tiffany Toh said...

so was get smart good? worth watching? which of the three would you recommend?

you didnt like wanted? but james mccavoy is so sexy!!! his accent is orgasmic.. if he spoke to me, i would probably die.. =)

can't believe i wont get to see you do the hawaiian dance.. damn it!

Ju said...

Get Smart is worth watching if you want to get a good laugh. But it's just one of those one-off kind of movies. I wouldn't watch it again.

You haven't seen any of the 3?

I would recommend Kung Fu Panda. Then again, I might be bias. But if you're not that into cartoons...IT'S STILL FARNY!

James McAvoy's accent? It's just a normal American accent wert...what's so sexy bout his accent? [Just googled him...didn't realise he is scottish. But nah...he speaks American in the movie.] Oh...but his body is to die for!!! Then is Angie's. It's a HOT movie la... would have been better if the ending of the movie wasn't so ridiculous. I still enjoyed it.

So i guess doen't matter which movie you choose. Any would also be good.

Ahhh...the hawaiian dance—BOOHOO!

Or you could always just abandon your internship and fly home now! =D

Tiffany Toh said...

haha, you wish... if only i could just abandon my internship.. but if i could, i would totally do it for you juju.. lol