Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh...Screw It!

The drain cover of my house was stolen yesterday. And in broad daylight, mind you.

My maid had gone out to buy some stuff, and when she came home, she was shocked to discover this:

She was only away for 20 minutes! Surprisingly, my rottweiler, who is ever so sensitive by the slightest movement, didn't even bark. Pfft. I guess she wasn't meant to be a guard dog.

According to my aunt, a drain cover can fetch for about RM100+. And the stolen ones that are resold only cost RM30. Geez...why didn't I think of selling the drain cover myself? I could have pocketed a cool RM70 if I bought a stolen resold one to replace it. I think I could make a living like that. I buy them cheap and sell them at a profit. could not have sounded simpler than that.

Screw deciding on doing a second major.

Screw thinking about whether I should carry on doing Arts units.

Screw my degree.

Screw my university education.


Anyway, I blame the oil price hike for the stolen drain cover. So who exactly is still in support of the ridiculous price hike?? I cannot imagine anyone to be, unless you're a government servant, of course.



Cyren Z. Wong said...

Hey well, I ain't exactly against it...but that doesn't mean I support it too. I just think it's one of those things where it was too complicated and the government had to take the course of least destruction to settle it (yes *gasp* I am actually supporting the government here)

I always say it's one of those things where they thought it over and simply HAD to do it. I mean, despite what people try to believe, I don't THINK our government is the type who would make life hard for us on purpose (^.^)

I like to use the analogy of parents and kids. You know how when you were a kid, when you're parents made decisions for you for "your own good" and sometimes they didn't consult you maybe?

And things didn't turn out too bad after all.

Well, it's kinda like that. I suppose it is the government's fault if indeed they are going through problem for not telling us and treating us like children, but you must remember it's a nation we're talking about here, and not everyone in the nation is mature minded. They have to avoid stuff like mass-hysteria and what not

Besides, aren't they doing like some subsidy thingie or what I dunnoe.

Cheer up JU, besides, griping about it is not going to change anything. You only live once. Enjoy it.

Cyren Z. Wong said...

God! That's an entire blog post right there...but seeing as how I got most of the content from one of my previous posts...hahaha not really surprising.