Friday, July 04, 2008


Since my happenings are more than 5 days old, there's hardly a point on blogging in detail about every one of them.
  • 2 weeks ago, my rottweiler accidentally bit my mum which left her with a big nasty gash that required 10 stitches which set her back by RM1000k+. Pfft. The money doctors make is astronomical, almost verging on ridiculous. Anyhoo, the story is actually like this. My mum's friend had allowed herself into our front yard to pass my mum something (I wasn't at home at the time of the incident. Instead, I was in uni, studying for my last paper.). Anyway, my mum opened the door only to have Zelda (my rottweiler) rush out, wanting to pounce on my mum's friend. As my mum rushed to hold Zelda back, her arm (around the brachialis) caught Zelda's canine tooth hence causing blood to gush out and fats to spill out. Her bone was almost visible. Since I wasn't around, no pictures. Unfortunately. Anyway, thankfully, none of my mum's nerves were damaged. Being a Christian before, it is traditionally known to shout "Hallelujah!" or "Praise the Lord!" when miracles occur. So...Hallelujah!
  • I attended a job interview a few days ago and was dumbfounded when the interviewer asked, "So...tell me about yourself." I find that question rather narcissistic but I suppose you are expected to 'sell'/'promote' yourself in interviews. Luckily, everything was rather informal. Just blurted a sentence or two and it was suffice to secure the job. Lol. Then again, the company is in desperate need of people.
  • Watched Made of Honour a few days ago with Densy Darling.
It was all right.
Romantic chic flick.
Nothing too typical.
Nothing too unusual.

We proceeded to Forever 21 after the movie to make a fool out of ourselves.
I thought the top I had on was fairly nice although it was a pity they didn't have my size. Nevertheless, I wouldn't spend more than RM60 on a top, especially when I'm not earning. Anyhoo, Densy was adamant I blogged about the dress she had on. Of course, she made me wear it too. And because I know no shame...

"Hey, I'm happy to entertain you."

The real purpose for our day out was really to get our license renewed. (Densy's one expired in May. Mine, second week of June.) But who would have thought JPJ would be so crowded in the late morning. Hence, we aborted and decided to do it the next day at 8 in the bloody morning. Which we did, after much wait from poor computer connections and worker inefficiencies (Nothing surprising, eh?). Thus, we are no longer P drivers. Woopee!
  • Today, I went to OU and signed up for the One Utama Race held this Sunday. Apparently it's a treasure hunt cum amazing race cum obstacle course sort of race. A team of two. Densy makes up the other half. Not having high expectations la...though prizes are pretty awesome. Grand prize is RM10 000 + other stuff. Anyhoo, just going to have fun. But dammit, I am competitive! I'm not going down without a fight! So...go us!
  • This just in: Avril Lavigne is coming to Malaysia babeh!!! And so is Panic! at The Disco! Okay la...I just found out. Also, MTV Asia Awards 2008 is set to be held in Genting. How awesome.

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