Thursday, June 12, 2008


I think I undermine myself a little too much.

I give myself too little credit than I deserve.

To an extent that it is becoming annoying. To others, that is.

I always prefer to remain sceptical because I never believe in having expectations beyond your reach. They say fear protects you (and it probably does), but I believe so does scepticism.

When you don't expect, you don't get disappointed. Plain and easy.

Though there probably is a flip side to the statement above, but I digress, cause that would only provide a flaw in my argument and then I wouldn't have much of an argument anymore now, would I?

Anyway, directing you back towards the point of my argument, which actually involves my 2nd assignment for Media Studies. I got an HD. "Sweetness."

But honestly, I am shocked. What is harder to believe is how others can't understand why I'm in disbelief of my result. It's a 2000-word-long essay. Might only have spent a day doing my research. Wrote it in 2 bloody days. Wrote the last 5-700 hundred words in uni on the day it was due. So me feeling iffy is completely justifiable!

Not everyone would agree. My tutor included. Blargh.

So maybe I should accept the fact that I just might be gifted in the Arts.


p/s: One of the joys of doing Arts is that you may feel like you're writing bs, but the bs could very well be HD worthy.


-seokie- said...

that's good! congratulations!! :)

Tiffany Toh said...

oh i hate you smart people..

Ju said...

Excuse me!

Who bloody got a GPA of 3.7??!

Oh...thanks seok!

Cyren Z. Wong said...

Hahaha it ain't BS Ju dear and the marks proves it all!!!

Its just you telling yourself you're writing BS. Hell, most people do that, I have no idea...maybe it was part of our primary or secondary education that droned into us so much that there is a "specific" way to do things.

So when left to their own devices (like is usually done in ARTS) most kids don't realise that there is not such thing as a wrong answer, as long as you can back your answer up. And that's when (despite all the work they put into it) kids (like you!) think that they're writing BS.

Hahaha don't worry, you're not the only one. I can name at least about 12 other students who go through the same problem as you. And they are PURE arts students. Give yourself time, you'll adjust.

When I first went into ICPU I had the same problem.