Sunday, June 01, 2008


I've realised my few previous entries have been utter bs. Well, it's just unfortunate that the past few months of my life has been nothing but uneventful twists and turns. It also doesn't help that I'm grounded on weekdays. Not only does that leave me with nothing to blog about, but I am forced to scout my garden for caterpillars so I can have something to post here just to keep this place alive.

Anyway, I'm just going to launch into a few bullet points of thoughts that are at the top of my head.
  • Firstly, congratulations to my oh-so-brainy smart ass of a cousin who received an offer letter from National University of Singapore (NUS)! His parents are contemplating on whether he should switch over since he is currently studying in Monash (Malaysia). Well, I personally think he should go! How often does Opportunity come knocking on one's door??
  • My mother says: "I'm really quite concerned about your weight."
  • My mother has put me on a diet starting today. "I bought you yoghurt so you can start dieting." Exact quote, mind you.
  • My exam starts this Thursday (5th June) and I've 2 papers on that bloody day! God dammit.
  • My exam ends 24th June. God dammit!
  • My second semester starts 14th July. GOD DAMMIT!!!

It's back to the books for me.

Later y'all.
  • Oh...did I mention that I'm a godmother?! (More on this to come. =D)

Z replied to my The Very Hungry Caterpillar entry:

*Click here* if you are interested in reading more about the caterpillar I found in my garden. My dear friend Z is an arthropod enthusiast and is thus very knowledgeable in the area of insects, creepy crawlies and whatnot.

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