Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yes......Yay! Us

Do you guys recall the Tara Dance I performed at a Buddhist temple a few weeks back? Remember me telling you that my ballet teacher gave us who performed, each a small gift that came attached with a note? *Refresher*

So anyway, this is what my note read:

To Ju-En,

Thank you for participating in the performance. Sorry you had to wait for so long but you'd be blessed and gain more merits in this lifetime. Good deeds are always rewarded.

But please don't leave a mess behind you in someone else's house. That was uncalled for but I thought moral education starts at your own home. What happened to civic consciousness?

Anyway thank you again for taking time off and I hope you'll enjoy your gift. (Little gift.)

Miss Lo

Yes, all of us got a note similar to each other's. Talk about humiliation. I always have so much criticism for those who litter or simply throw rubbish out of their car. Now, I'm guilty of committing the same crime and even got a 'summon' for it. Shit.

All of us felt so ashamed. Thus, we (Tiff, Seok, Cassandra & I) decided to get Miss Lo a card to apologize. And last Tuesday, we signed the card and gave it to Miss Lo after ballet class. (Actually, Tiff & I gave the honour to Dr Gwen to present the card to Miss Lo seeing that it was her birthday that day.)

If any of you wanted to know what the card wrote...

'yay! us'

p/s: Kudos to Tiff, who beautifully composed the sweet short note.

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