Sunday, June 03, 2007


THANK YOU so much my Lord, for staying up sooo late just to sew my b-e-a-u-tiful skirt. Bitch. (highlight)

I am so touched that you went to such great lengths just to make my skirt look so 'pretty'. It was definitely the best looking skirt and I know I stood out the most. All thanks to you. *Smiles sweetly and sincerely*

Oh sewed it wrongly! Yes, 'thanks' to YOU, I 'stood out' the most. Thanks for making my skirt so god-damn lala. Thanks for making me look so hideously retarded. And thanks for all the 'time', 'effort' and 'hard work' you put into sewing my skirt. I am truly grateful.

Wait! It's not like you've got anything to do these days, Miss Boring Toh. You should be thanking me instead. I bet you had loads of 'fun' with those pearls and buckles. Role playing? I'm thinking pirates. Very sexy. What do you think, Sean? =) (I'm loving the fantasy myself.)

Muacks Tiff! (Let's make it a French this time. =P)

Infinity Xs and Os,
(Your humble follower)

p/s: For those wondering wtf I'm talking about; Tiffany, a few other ballet friends and I were doing our ballet teacher a favour by performing a tara dance in a Buddhist temple. Tiffany obediently went for rehearsal on Friday and took my costume home for me and thus, had the honour of putting in the finishing touches on my 'lovely' costume.
(Pictures to be uploaded soon.)

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