Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pre-mortem Finals Summary

I don't think I've blogged this consistently before.

Friday: 8 June - Introductory Microeconomics
Tuesday: 12 June - Managing People and Organisations
Monday: 18 June - Business Statistics
Wednesday: 20 June - Introductory Accounting A

My exam is in approximately 14 hours time! OMG! I can't wait! So excited! Even though I'm not exactly prepared; but what the heck, right. I just want to get it over with. Studying is starting to become such a chore and a bore.

Besides, I've got sooo much to look forward to after finals. =) Maybe that's why I ain't stressing. Just looking at the things-to-do-after-finals list (which I have framed in my memory) sends me over the moon. God...I really am too free, aren't I?

I really should get back to studying now. least I've completed studying Econs. Now, I'm off to do my past year papers. =)

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