Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last Night

Last night (Friday) was probably my most interesting day of my oh-so-dull week.

Here were the highlights of my yesterday:

  • Midway through studying, my friends started talking about underwears. Actually, it was one horny friend in particular. *Ahem*
  • And well, you know how talking about underwears will always lead to talking about penises.
  • Just when I thought my smart and nerdy friends were innocent beings...never did I think they were so HORNY! Shit. (Yes, as cliché as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.)
  • Anyway, this horny friend of mine got all excited when she recalled the time she saw her guy friend's underwear. And till this day, she still remembers the colour of his underwear. 'It was red & blue!' (Dots.)
  • Next, she went on to explain how a guy puts on a condom. (More dots.)
  • Oh, one thing I found absolutely hilarious. She said her guy friend told her that Malaysian guys' penis are generally only 3 INCHES long. (WTF. Lol.)
  • Okay, moving on to a lighter topic. My friend didn't know what a scrunchie was and ended up calling it a 'spocky'. (Lol!)
  • And now, the climax of the night. After much 'studying', we finally left college at 11pm. Upon reaching home, just as I was to turn into my driveway, I turned on my bright lights only to witness a couple making out in a car. (They were parked outside my house!) So being 'evil ju', I started flashing my headlights. And then, I honked! (Not at them la. I was merely notifying my parents that I'm home. Ah...I miss being evil. =P)
All right...I better get back to studying now. 2 more papers to go!

p/s: The girl who was making out in the car with her boyfriend lives just a few houses away from me. After her boyfriend dropped her off, she looked towards my direction, and I shot back a cynical smile. (Don't I make you proud, my Lord?)

pp/s: My friends from Aussie are coming back real soon! (In 3 days time to be exact! Sweetness!) I've missed you guys!

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Tiffany Toh said...

you have absolutely no idea how amazingly proud i am.. you have done well..