Monday, March 09, 2009


The first thing that made me laugh this morning was knowing that my mum now owns a pair of futsal shoes.

What made it funnier was the fact that I had picked it out for her.

In fairness, I had no idea those shoes were meant for futsal until she showed me this . How am I suppose to know la?! They looked like ordinary trainers! Well, least they are comfortable, right mummy dearest?

The second thing that made me laugh:
My mum asked me if I thought she had good dress sense. Before I even managed to reply, she was quick to answer "I think I dress very well. Don't you think so?".

My mother boasting her dress sense to me. In other words implying I have none.

The third thing that made me laugh:
Roz and I met up to do our income tax law homework today. On a public holiday. I'm still quite amazed by our accomplishment. In the midst of calculating figures...
Me: What's 98000 minus 70000?
Roz: 22000!
I probably shouldn't fail to add that my dear friend is an accounting and banking & finance major.

And finally the fourth:
I spotted this old toy lying in a basket among other junks. I picked it up and Zelda immediately showed interest. (It rattles!)
Me: Mama, can I give this to Zelda?
Mum: No.
Me: Why not? Who'd you buy it for then??
Mum: For myself.
I find my mother so hilarious sometimes.

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