Sunday, March 22, 2009


My team (Manchester United babeh!) just lost. (But thankfully, so did Chelsea. And hopefully, Liverpool, tomorrow.) Again. Suffering back-to-back losses. First time since...2005? Idk. I don't keep track of silly statistics like that.

My friend has been having a nagging sore throat for weeks.

Another friend is ill.

And, perhaps, having been hanging out with them both too much, I've caught the bug, which couldn't have been at a better time considering that I have a presentation on Monday and an assignment due on Wenesday. (For those who are still wondering, yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

Earlier in the week, I lost my Monash Student Diary. I'm still incredibly upset about it. Will someone please get me a new one. I'm begging.

My friend recently got a parking fine and lost his phone on the same day. Worst part—the phone ain't exactly his. (He and a friend, who is also my friend, exchanged phones.) Although, there may not necessarily be a losing end in this predicament. My friend would be somewhat glad that it isn't his own phone he had lost while my other friend, who is the one whose phone was actually lost, has been using a new phone, not my friend's phone (duh), even before my friend lost his phone. (Did I lose you? That was my intention.)

An-(completely different)-other friend but the same one I had afore mentioned about having a nagging sore throat, on the other hand, lost his wallet. Before that, his phone broke down. And before that, the windscreen of his car shattered. AND BEFORE THAT...nah...I'm kidding. Or at least I don't know anymore. But it's bad enough as it is.

Interestingly, I read a 2009 Chinese zodiac forecast (way before any of these misfortunes happened) which projected that Dragons and Snakes will suffer "unexpected financial losses". Heh. (It should be obvious that the reason why I mentioned the year of the Dragon and the Snake are because my friends were born in either one of those years. Myself included.)

That really sums up my week, doesn't it?

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