Saturday, May 17, 2008


After much stress and sleepless nights from the mad rush of assignments, I finally found some space to breathe again as I handed in one of my last two assignments yesterday.

Friday, 16 May 2008:

I decided to spend my 'me' time with Densy since we haven't hung out for months.

A week ago, I redeemed tickets for the screenings of international films. It was in conjunction with the French Film Festival that has been running this week. Densy was excited having told her I had complimentary tickets. So I picked her up after class that day and headed off to OU.

This was the first movie we watched:
If You Love Me Follow Me

Supposedly under the genre of comedy but it wasn't the L-O-L sort. More satirical than humorous, which I guess made it somewhat different. Not too bad la. Densy enjoyed it.

Once again, Malaysia being all-that-"gay" had certain parts of the film censored. What was hilarious was how it was done—manually. Someone was actually sitting in the screening room while the film was running and used what was probably paper to cover up the R-rated sections.

Noticed that I said the movie above was our first movie. Well, I redeemed 3 pairs of tickets and Densy said we should just use them all seeing today was the last day of the French Film Festival.

And so we did.

This was the second movie we caught:

Not Here To Be Loved

I've always known French films to be long and draggy, and this movie definitely justifies that stereotype. "The story moves to a graceless rhythm of awkward silences and misjudged social interactions" (Ide 2007). A very 'grey sky, brown leaves' film, filled with melancholy.

The final movie we saw which was almost immediately after the second one:
Tell No One

Ah, the one I had been looking forward to all night. A crime thriller. It certainly lived up to my expectations. The plot was pretty complex but the twists were really good. The audience were always kept in the dark as nothing is quite as it seems . It had everything a thriller should have— hectic chases, fiendish conspiracies, foul play—and more. Definitely, the best out of the three. Enthralling, engaging and gripping. Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole 2 hours.

A splendid movie to conclude a great night.

We were all 'smiles'.

p/s: Anybody care to join me on my next movie marathon?


Tiffany Toh said...

me! i wanna watch movies too!!



Ju said...

Well...get your skinny ass back here quick then!!


Miss you much.