Friday, November 16, 2007

Because I Want My Slice

My 'dear' friend, Sean Phuah, has made it to the Top 5 of 8tv's Ultimate Prom Nite.

Fact: Winner takes home a grand prize of RM10 000.

And I want a slice of that.

So vote for Sean.
(Click on vote.)


Sean said...

didnt know YOU, my 'dear' friend decided to advertise on my behalf :) thanks for the help. i owe you one

o(@_@)o said...

Of coz I'll help vote, he's got the same surname as me! lol

Sean said...

now that we share the same surname you're obligated to pass the word around to get the votes in! just kiddin. thanks a great bunch for the votes anyways =)

Ju said...

NOW you owe me big time sean. =)

sean said...

you bet i do. i'll start treating you nice :)