Friday, September 21, 2007


This is Sean.

This is Sean in Topshop.

This is Sean in Topshop wearing......

Well, I'm not at liberty to say as I've been ordered to keep mum because Sean just registered for an inter campus prom thingy organised by Nivea.

And so, he has to live up to his 'Mr Metro' reputation and keep his dignity in check, or whatever little he has left of it.

Cheers Sean. *wink*

p/s: All the best, aights?


Tiffany Toh said...

hmm.. that is so gay..

Sean said...


Ju said...

It's not like anyone can see anything. I was kind enough to leave it to everyone's own imagination. =)

sean said...

ju: thats bad enough =|

Tiffany: babe, now u dont have to worry about me getting laid. i dont see any of those happening anytime soon, esp with people's imagination running wild :)

Ju said...


Aww seanie...don't have to worry so much. Not many ppl know of my blog. "Chillex."