Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I thought I'll update my fellow readers on my oh-so-unhappening life.

Yesterday (Monday), Denise (Tan) and I went for our ballet rehearsal only to know an hour later that it was apparently cancelled. Seok knew about it cause she happened to drop by class on Saturday which Ms Lo casually told her that 'there'll be no more rehearsals until further notice'. Of course, knowing Ms Lo, she had forgotten to pass on the information to Denise and I. Hence, she deprived us of our Monday sleep. (Rehearsal on that Monday was scheduled at 10am!)

Today (Tuesday), the P.A. accompanied me to buy some cakes from House + Co and Bakerzin for my mummy. (Her belated b'day cakes.) My mummy's b'day was on the 17th of November.

Later in the day, I went for ballet rehearsal. I called Ms Lo twice to confirm. (Just in case la...) This is when we (Denise, Seok & I) got to know that we'll be taking turns to dance cause now we've only got one show to do instead of two in a day. There were supposed to have been a total of 12 shows but now it's been cut down to 6 which I find absolutely disappointing. That is mainly cause the variety show had been cancelled and only the Nutcracker show will be performed. With a total of only 6 shows now, it means Denise, Seok & I will take turns doing 2 shows each. Furthermore, we'll be doing a solo...on POINTE! Swt.

After ballet, Jan, Dee, Sue & I went to Murni for dinner. Gosh. I went to Murni for dinner after ballet. That's just wonderful. There goes my body la. But nonetheless, it was a great night unwinding with the girlfriends. I love you babes! Xoxo!

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Tiffany Toh said...

when are the shows anyway? will try to make it!

damn it! i want a solo too! lol..