Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thank You

Tiff, Ruwan, Zong, Seok, Nush, Sean, Megan Ong, Nad, Farah, Ee Jen, Su Jan, Sue, MeiV, Chern, Mich, Charlene, Cammy, Densy, Manda Cheong, Janice Tong, Pau, Calvin Lee, Kenneth Soo, Kuhendran, Fung How, Patrick, Poe, Lin-Dy, Li-Hsia, John, Parvini, Chrissy, Sukanya, Zuriana, Jacqui, Chia Wei, Ming Kim, Manda Lim, Kenneth Ng, Daniel, Harry Gan, Weng Fai, Li Lian, Sara Lim, Felina, Nessy, Lachlan & Megan (my adorable nephew & niece) and of course, my parents & 'crazy' maid...

for the birthday wishes.

p/s: I hope I didn't leave anybody out.


Patrick said...

u left me out.. =(
"28 Sep 07, 06:59
pat: oh..your mum is scary and at the same time, she's cool! haha..anyway, happy birthday! =D"

haha..just joking.. =D

Ju said...

NO, I didn't!

Look closely...

*looks away & attempts to whistle*


Patrick said...! sorry bad.. i didn't see properly.. =PP haha..

Ju said...

lol...i can't believe u bought it!



Patrick said...

haha..i know.. =P just play along..hehe =D

Tiffany Toh said...

I'm glad my name came first!! Yay me!! *flips hair then twirls it around sparkly furry pen.