Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BEWARE: Girlfriend Stealer On The Loose

And that'll be me.


s e a n:
u gf stealer


Whose did i steal this time?

s e a n:

called tiffany the other day at 4 AM malaysian time only to hear "eh babe, i'm on the phone with JU"

like WTF

i mean, u've already k***ed her in front of me. i thought that was rather innocent and i decided to let that slide. now i'm seeing something different here

let me ask you ju, are u sure you wanna declare war against sparta?

i'm not declaring anything...

in any case, sparta is oh-so-weak under your leadership.


best friends right?

s e a n:
best your arse

video... *internal joke*

s e a n:

i love my power

s e a n:
gonna tell tiffany that i'm being bullied and you're gonna get it =)


Aww think Tiffany will "get me" cause I "bullied" you?

You know what I see?

I see her laughing her head off when she reads this and she'll be saying these exact words:

"Ju, you never fail to make my day."

Cheers Sean. *wink*

1 comment:

Tiffany Toh said...

ju, you never fail to make my day..

*laughing my ass off btw..