Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Beat!

3 papers in 3 consecutive days; I am mentally drained.

Finally, a well needed short break of 4 days till my last paper dawns on me.

I hate finals.

No, actually I think I just hate PREPARING for finals. Of course, exams are of good intention cause we do need to be tested on what we've been taught to see if we are learning. How else will we know if we've learnt, right?

Anyway, I sat for my business law paper today and now I'm having second thoughts of majoring in that subject. No, paper wasn't tough but the time constraint makes it tough despite it being an open book exam.

But, I shall let bygones be bygones.

See where I've circled...that's the space I have left on my bed to sleep.

Well, this is how my bed went from Queen to Single, and how I ended up sleeping with my books and notes in my bed. I eat, sleep, make lov (No, let's not go there.), breathe Business Law. Yeah, those were all my books/notes on Business Law that I brought into the exam hall. Notice the pile piles of "junk" on the floor? Oh trust me, you wouldn't want to know my bed looks like underneath. Darn it, now I've got another item to add on my things-to-do-after-finals list: spring-clean room. Maybe I ought to shift that to the top of my list.

Anyhoo, brain cells are depleting and eye bags are forming, I'm turning in.


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