Saturday, September 22, 2007

What I Did This Mid-Semester Break

Since my break has only just begun, and I can't foresee the future, I really can't say now, can I?

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Ah...finally! The days of which I can sleep in till past noon have arrived. I haven't had many of those days ever since my second semester started. Or rather, I should say, ever since I got accustomed to uni life. In actual fact, 'accustom' really isn't the right word to use, cause even after 9 months, I have still not settled well with uni life. Or uni life has not settled well with me. Or......blargh. You guys get what I mean.

I can't tell you what I did this semester break yet, but I can tell you what I did today, which happens to mark the beginning of my mid-term break.

I woke up past noon, and kick-started my day with a movie.

Why this movie?

'Because I said so. That's why.'

Well, the movie is as corny as that. So don't blame me. But it still had its occasional romantic scenes which makes you go ' sweet.'. Overall, a predictable chic flick. Only recommended to watch when you're really just bored out of your mind and you have absolutely no clue on what to do.

Then, I moved on to another movie since I really had nothing else to do then waste my time away. Okay, actually I do. But all I really wanted to do was waste my time away and just escape from my duties of a university student.

Now, this was GOOOD. It was great! Just great. Simply great. 'It was superb, which is a synonym for great...'. You could not have asked for 2 uber sexylicious stars other than Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon to play the roles of Linda and Jim Hanson. Premonition is anything but prognosticative and promises unexpected twists and turns. A gripping watch, indeed.

I have no idea whether this movie has been released in Malaysia. If not, just down...or buy... Well, I can't say. If not, I will come across as being supportive of piracy. Which I'm not!

After that, I went online and started chatting with Sue, who was bored cause her bf is away. So I suggested we go catch a movie, my 3rd for the day. Sweeet. By the time we agreed, it was 8:45pm. By the time I was ready, it was 9:15pm. By the time I picked her up, it was 9:30pm. By the time we reached OU, it was 9:45pm. (And the movie we wanted to catch was Hairspray, which starts at 9:40pm.) By the time we bought the tickets, it was 9:50pm. And finally, by the time we went into the cinema and took our seats, the movie started. Talk about impeccable timing.

The movie is as colourful as its poster looks. The characters are quirky, 'farny' and not to mention, good looking. And the songs will have your feet tapping throughout the movie and your heart wanting to sing out loud! All in all, an enjoyable fun watch. A real feel-good movie. Absolutely loved it! I'm so buying the soundtrack! Songs are awesome possum!

Finally, the day ended with supper and gossip. A typical girls' night out.

p/s: This post was actually meant to be published yesterday. But let's just say it got lost in the shuffle.

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