Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grammar Lesson For The Day

If any of you read my posts a few times over, most of the time, changes would have been made. Though you probably wouldn't have noticed cause they are usually just minor changes.

And the reason is because I edit my stuff. Yep, a few times over.

And the reason for that is because my mum reads my blog. Unfortunately or fortunately? Let's just say, there are its pros and cons. (Oh, did I mention that my mum happens to be the best editor in Malaysia, or so all her colleagues claim. Well, I'd also like to think so.)


Anyway, I received a mail from my mother which reads:

Grammar lesson for the day:

Not 'I'd thought I'll post up my birthday wish list' but 'I thought I'll put up my birthday wish list' or 'I decided I'll post my birthday wish list'.

The phrasal verb is 'put up', not 'post up'. 'Post' should be used by itself.

'I'd' is the contraction or short form for 'I had' or 'I would'.




p/s: My blog isn't the only blog she reads. *wink*


Tiffany Toh said...

she doesnt read mine does she?

wait i mean, she doesn't read mine does she?

or she does not read mine, does she?

which ever is more appropriate.. i am learning all this in English as a second language now.. this is good practice..

-seokie- said...



Ju said...



Oh seok, she happens to like reading your blog cause of your 'Ah Lian-ness'.