Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breaking Fast

Some loyal readers of my blog have been getting impatient with my lack of updates. Apologies to all.

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My life has been quite low key lately. I don't know if I should be glad since the past my few months have been quite turbulent. I guess, it's nice to have some peace and quite, but it's getting dull. And I'm getting bored.

Anyway, my bitch from the UK is back. So, that put some spice back into my life. And last Thursday, I went out with her and Farah.

It's puasa month for them, so we didn't get to eat till like 7:15pm. (I gave them support, but it's not like they actually 'puasa'.)

Nad: "I don't think I'll puasa when I go back to London. It seems pointless to fast in the day when I'm going to go clubbing at night."

Point proven.

Before dinner, we caught a movie. A bloody cheesy action-packed movie. Really not my genre. I just loathe action-packed movies. Ugh. It's just so gay and predictable. The hero will NEVER die. Or rather, the hero CAN NEVER die cause there wouldn't be a movie anymore, right?

It's working title was 'Rogue', but it was re-titled 'Rogue Assassin' in several other countries including Malaysia to avoid conflict with another film which had the same name. But I really have no idea why the word 'WAR' appears on the poster instead. Talk about conflict. Pfft.

Nad and I were laughing throughout the soppy sad scenes of the movie and received unwanted stares. But nonetheless, we survived the movie. Farah, Nad and I then headed to Starbucks to chill and kill time.

Farah. Nad. Ju.

The Bitch & I

After much cam whoring, we decided to go to Chilis to 'break fast'.

Dates, anyone?

Bottomless Tostada Chips

Farah and what's his name again?

Nad & I shared this:
Chicken Mushroom Fajita

Farah & I shared this:
Molten Chocolate Cake

I ate 3/4 of it.

However, since 17 September 2007, I've put myself on a strict diet due to my upcoming ballet exam.

Well, I've kept to far.

p/s: Nad left today. Have a safe flight, bitch. Missing you.


-seokie- said...

your diet is CRAZY la.

things i eat :
1. pasta
2. fast food
3. mamak food
4. soft drinks
5. rice, bread, noodles, buns
6. chips, ice-cream,biscuits,cookies,desserts
7. dinner at 9pm

I AM TOAST! =) Good luck with yours though. :D

Tiffany Toh said...

you guys are on diets? wtf! ballet exam diets? blah! then i should go on one too..

Ju said...

Puh-lease TIff! Diets are for overweight ppl like ME.

I'm not 43kg, therefore I'm fat.

You LOOK 42kg, so you're fine.