Monday, August 27, 2007

A Little Too Personal

Note: I will try to keep my swearing and cursing to a minimal.

*** ***

Sensitive people ought to be shot dead. (Not generalising. Just hitting out at a particular person.)

People of such are the ones who take things to heart too fast.


'Why do we, as FAB students, need to pay for rental studio?'

A question like that will be considered rude by a person who takes things too bloody personally.

How the hell can a question like that upset anyone??

I guess only YOU. BITCH.

And you're an adult? Hah. What a joke.

p/s: You retarded loser of a pianist! You suck! (Now that would be rude if I said it to your face. *wink*)


Ju said...

-seokie- says:
YOU ****ING C***!!!

Ju said...

I agree, seok. ;)


-seokie- said...


Ju said...

Just so you know, I do keep a history of my conversations. Which means...I have EVIDENCE. =P

Tiffany Toh said...

who are we talking about? shouldnt i be updated too???

Ju said...

Haha...a story u'll be dying to hear.

Shall I save it till we meet again? =P