Saturday, January 17, 2009

Filler #1

Save to say you won't be expecting any updates from me for a while cause I'm busy wrapping up my summer course and the rest of the time that I have for myself, I need to spend it recuperating.

My past three weeks have been nothing short of fun. I visited three states within the span of a week. I had more alcohol to drink within those three weeks than I had in the whole of 2008. I learned that it is possible to get drunk on beer. I also learned that I'm much better at Taboo when I'm a sheet in the wind's eye. I found kinship with an alcohol called Jägermeister which seems probable of overthrowing my current master, Vodka. And well, the fatigue of the past three weeks has finally caught up with me. Lately, I awake every day only to be greeted by Lethargy. It could be a symptom of some sort of disease but I'm no hypochondriac, so I won't be probing into that any further. Or perhaps, I'm just getting old. You'll know that age isn't just a number when you start to feel it. Heh.

Anyway, Procrastination is proving to be a tough foe to fight off and is once again winning most of the battles. Although I must say, they have mostly been rather one-sided. The deadline for my final report is next Wednesday, and I cannot allow Procrastination to hold me up any longer. I will march onto the battlefield, with guns blazing, and take Procrastination head on! *RAWR!* This might get ugly.

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