Thursday, March 06, 2008

Still Young

I accompanied my mum to Amcorp Mall today (Wednesday) to some Chinese Feng Shui shop. The owner of the shop is from Mainland China (she can speak English but it's as good as me speaking Mandarin) and I was trying my best to help translate for my mum as well as make small conversation with her in my rusty Mandarin. As I was in the midst of explaining to her how I've not practised my Mandarin for almost 7 years now seeing that I'm already in university, she suddenly looked at me stunned.

(You're already in university??)

"是的. 你认为我是多少岁?"
(Yeah. How old did you think I am?)

"我以为你十五岁. 你的脸很年轻."
(I thought you were only 15 years old. Your face looks very young.)


The fact that my teen years are about to end and age twen-TY is looming near, I'm not sure if that can still be considered a compliment.

On this subject, my mum's cousin who saw me a few weeks ago thought I was only 12. Double swt.

Heck, I'll take whatever they said as a compliment but I think being taken for a 12-year-old is a bit much la.

p/s: I guess my teen years are far from ending. =P

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